Thursday, August 23

Woohoo! MobTV

Finally got ard to subscribing to MobTV

For those who proli dun live in Singapore (or been hiding under some rock in Singapore), MobTV is Singapore's first online video-on-demand service. It is operated by MediaCorp TV.
For a subscription fee, one can have access to many MediaCorp programmes (even old popular ones)! Sometimes u can even watch a program before the actual telecast on free-to-air TV!

I subscribed to it because of Felicia Chin's (=P) latest drama (plus I saw the actual filming once too!); this u may find silly but due to me missing the first ep of "Honour and Passion" on TV. I decided not to continue watching it on TV at all, hence missing the whole series. BUT thanks to MobTV, all is not lost as I can download (or watch it via streaming) the entire series now. heh heh

Wotz more, I can also watch "Mars & Venus" which I liked but missed plenty of eps when it was on TV.
Incidentally, anyone realised that Tay Ping Hui's character's name in "Honour and Passion" is the same name as his character's wife in Mars and Venus?! hehe...I'm proli the only wu liao person to notice such things. :P

Ok...back to more MobTV...till then...bye bye...(hmm...wat shld I watch next ah)...

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