Sunday, August 26

Blessed Birthday Sis!

From L-R: Sis (Eunice), Cousins Andrea & Laura

Today's my little sister's birthday!

Eunice is 24 this year! Woohoo! Old liao haha

Anyways, I'm glad we gotten closer over the years (esp in Australia). And I dun use u as a 'punching bag'/'servant' no more
(ok ok, I know, bad brother but can't help it leh, itz genetically programmed for elder brothers to bully to younger sis no?)

Thanks for being my guide to all things cool and fashionable. I'm glad (I know sometimes u r not! lol) that we share similar tastes in cars, restaurants, cafes and chill out places (STOP following me whenever I'm out!; my sister and I bump into each other one too many times), music, and guys. (opps, that came out wrong)

Well, I know u are out there somewhere enjoying yourself and u wun be reading this till dunno when but u haf a blast k?! I love you sis!
Enjoy your Krabi/Bintan/Stockholm trip!!!

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