Wednesday, August 8

Umbrella?! Nope...Ves-pa...Espa espa eh eh eh

Good-ness Rinaz! You rock!

You guys know that super popular (yet somewhat irritating) Umbrella song by Rihanna?!
Goodness even my mum knows that song (and hates it, and so does my 23 y.o sis)

Here's an improved version done by a certain singaporean teacher...

Below are the lyrics (Credit: Malique):
ahuh ahuh (yeah marina)
ahuh ahuh (she rides a vespa)
ahuh ahuh (place the key..action)
no problem with the storms
traffic jam but she takes it likes a breeze with ease like she owns

with ease like she owns
she does it better
makes you look weaker
she rides it better

you know me,
im gonna stutter, with her vespa that big and i like it when chicks kick
bigg malique the man is back, with the vespa cat
marina where u at?


You had my heart
And we should never be apart
No matter the summons
By traffic wardens

Baby, in traffic jams
who cares about shiny cars
And thats when I need you there
Great times we'll always share


when the jam piles we'll glide together
on the highway, we'll go forever
you will always be my friend
My baby scoot, we'll stick it out to the end

Now there's traffic more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
you can ride on my vespa..espa espa eh eh eh
You can ride on my vespa

Those fancy things
Will never come in between
You're part of my entity
If for infinity

And the world has too much cars
And the world has too much jams
You can see frustration
Together we'll mend their hearts


You can run into my arms
ride on scoot, dont be alarmed
come into me
There's no distance in between our love

So go on let the traffic pour
Vespa's all you need and more


There's traffic traffic, baby come into me ...

Acknowledgments: Rinaz & Malique