Monday, August 13

National Day Pt One - My First Nuffnang Event! (plus Rush Hour 3 review)

SO...I had won tix to the event right?

I was pretty excited as I din know wat to expect. I thought it would be a great opportunity to meet new bloggers and exchange pointers (or something like that...OR at least make some frenz meet some like-minded people)

Aiyo! Instead, (as u proli read in many other blogs by now) most just go there, register, eat the (free) food, and waited for the movie to's the COMMUNITY in the community event?! I thought there might be like, some activity of some sort to mingle and interact with others but no...

At least I saw DT, Claudia, and Sheylara and they all said hi. Saw nannywen as well but din get to say hi as she was working :(

Wat I din expect to see were celeb bloggers like XX (and her ang moh bf) and Dawn Yang (she realli realli super slim until it's like illegal!)

Anyways, thatz just some of my thoughts on the events
I'll just let the rest of the pictures do the talking...

Below: Registration area, Nuffnang staff (and Nannywen), the goodies bags, my National Day-inspired' costume

Above: My shy 'date and her label (cute ah? It says "I'm here for free food"...), XX, the finger food (and a glimpse of QY), popcorn from Kwik-E-Mart!

Ok, all that aside, the movie was alright (free mah...cannot hiam too much). Plot was minimal, slapstick laughs, farnee one-liners, Chris Tucker's non-stop mouth rattling off (it got on my nerves at times) but overall it was ok...entertaining enuff but it feels 30mins too long. In my opinion, worse of the lot (the first Rush Hour proli the best). Another case of sequel-itis (a whole string of disappointing summer blockbuster sequels)

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