Friday, August 10

My Pre-death Eulogy...wat it reads now...

I was inspired by some one-page self-descriptive interviews seen in some local men's magazine so I decided to come up with a one-page interview...of moi...

Descriptive Profile

A corny music-lover who will ruin your taste buds with his cooking

Currently trying to finish his Masters Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics at Flinders University of South Australia (He is actually 10-weeks shy of completion) after a stint as a freelance writer with a media company.

Aspires to have a meaningful career. “I wish to have an occupation that means more than just a job and an income,” Eu-Jzin shares. He also wants to be able to juggle career and domestic duties in the future. “I want to be able to take care of the household, be there for the kids and not let my wife worry about family matters.”

Aspires to be a dietitian and Who Makes It A Point To Get The Most Out Of Life

Interests Passionate about health. He also TRIES to be toned by swimming and hitting the gym—or playing now and then. This fat thing also takes an occasional dip in the pool and heads down to the gym twice a week. He’s now thinking of taking up Pilates.

Passionate about dogs and sports. This tanned fatty adores Beagles, Labs and Golden Retrievers, who can take up quite a bit of his time. Eu-Jzin loves meeting people and enjoys the challenge of trying to understand complex individuals.

Passionate about cooking. This dude would love to create a storm in the kitchen. His specialties are instant noodles, stuffed mushrooms and pasta, having picked up the skills from his stay overseas. "The spicier it is, the better," he adds.

Passionate about jazz and classical music. “I also enjoy watching musicals and Broadway shows,” he enthuses. Mama Mia is his absolute favourite followed by 'Phantom of the Opera'. Travelling is another passion.

Gets his kicks playing guitar and singing with his group The Nobodies. Their favourite song at the moment is “When will I be famous” by The Small Fries. EJ is also into tennis, and swimming. To catch movies, he goes to The Cathay or Vivocity GV.

Get his kicks by trying anything once! “I’m a great believer in the notion that you don’t know what you’re missing until you try it,” he enthuses. That has included skiing and stunt driving.

Gets his kicks hiking. "I like getting in touch with my bohemian side and I sometimes like being one with nature," he explains, adding that next month, he’s hiking in nearby Jurong Point. Besides conquering trails and scaling hills, this karaoke fan gets busy on the mic twice a month at outlets in Orchard Road. His favourites include Sam Lee's 'Lately', Guan Liang’s ‘Fairytale’ and Fish Leong’s ‘Tiffany’.

Gets his kicks by travelling. “I like to experience the culture and to physically visit the places that I see in magazines,” he shares, having been to JB, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia. Next stop? A tour across Europe,and the United States’ eastern coast.
Furthermore, keeping fit is high on this tanned fatty’s agenda. He hits the gym twice a week and Pilates. What’s more, he adores foot reflexology. He says, “The pain and pleasure of foot reflexology is out of this world!”

Hangs out at at trails at Orchard Road or Rundle Mall. If you fail to see him there, then try to spot him sipping at places like The Bar @Regent, TCC, and Coco Latte—or anywhere where there’s smooth jazz.
For movies, he goes to Cineleisure or Great World City. And if it’s shopping, it’s off to Orchard Road.
Hangs out at Holland Village coffee joints.
Wants to hang out at the Botanic Gardens on weekends for brunch.

Hangs out at. If all that fails, try the hawker centre, which he has his favourite chai tau kway

His idea of a New Woman “Someone who is self-confident, polite, kind, not too possessive and has a sense of humour. And being into the arts and sports helps!”


"Smile, it’s a beautiful day".

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

"Listen," he says. "We learn more when we listen instead of interrupting others with our own thoughts and views."

“Everything happens for a reason, so just learn from your mistakes, move on, be happy.”

“I don’t really live by any one motto, but I do make it a point to never regret anything I do in life.”