Monday, December 31

Reflections...retrospections and introspections...and perhaps my last post for this blog...

2007 has come and gone...I can't say it went by quickly and it wasn't an uneventful year.

It was definitely better than 2006 (a year I would rather forget)

So many things happened this year (many which I am thankful for)

Let me recap the significant moments/highlights for me for the year 2007...

Jan - Starting this blog & Grace's passing (miss her terribly)

Mar - Working @Tangs (meeting Cameron)

June - Joining & getting mentioned in Sunday Times becoz of this post

Aug - Finding out that Sg blogs get ranked and this blog was no.171 out of 600+ blogs in Singapore! (something must be wrong in their calculations then! lol) (now this blog is unranked!)

Sept - My was a fantastic week! Main highlight was the surprise cake from Jaz and Shan who were in Australia! Thanks!!!

Oct - LASIK! and starting work @Alexandra Hospital!

Nov - My first themed Dinner & Dance (which I did not blog about...nor posted pics...but all i can say rocks!)

Dec - Meeting up with my frenz who are back from Adelaide!

I am thankful for the new frenz (Cameron, Adelyne, the pingsters! etc) I met this year and also for closer relationship I have with the old friends (Nat, Jon, Yvie, Liyan, Christina, etc) tt I already had but weren't so close before.

Saturday, December 29


TODAY is the day my EX gets married (my first GF)

I was pretty cool abt it (since itz been SEVEN years already) initially when I first heard. "Hey, ask u ah...did u know getting MARRIED?" was what a lot of frenz asked me...

WATZ not cool is...well, let me share a bit...then u will understand why I'm not so cool abt the whole thing...

We were together for SIX years (most wld agree that this is a long time compared to a lot of relationships these days)

I had in mind that we would eventually get married.

I had a good NS buddy whom I introduced to her (since I feel she should know my good frenz right?)
Well...what transpired was like a classic movie plot...

Well, you can imagine what happened...

SO...for the past SEVEN years, I always wondered wat i wld do if i ever saw HIM on the streets. Woud I give him a punch? would i get into a huge fight with him?

Guess what? Abt two weeks ago, I heard SHE was getting married. I thot nothing of it. I was ok, and happy for her.

...THEN I saw HIM.

I never knew him to be a christian...


I was pretty much stunnned, i din know how to react

"HEY! you attend this church?" was ALL I cld muster....

I started to get curious abt the wedding, and I found out that BOTH of them are getting married.


At the CHURCH I go to. And I am not invited...


Thursday, December 27

Blessed Birthday Grace for the way you look at me for the only one I see very very extraordinary even more than anyone that you adore...

You would have been 25 this year.

It has been 11 months since the Lord took you away, but I still miss you dear.

Your cheerfulness, liveliness, bubbliness...

Tuesday, December 25

Blessed Christmas and A Blessed New Year Everyone!

JuZ JZin wishes everybodeee a Blessed Christmas and New Year!

May this period be a time of joyous reflections and thanksgiving.

Monday, December 24

Wanna get my own domain/blog-with-my-name-only...Help?

I think it's time I get my own domain...been wanting to for a while.

I've sorta been asking ard but din take notes then. NOW I am really serious abt getting my own domain. So I am penning it down in digital ink.

Anyone wanna tell me how? any tips? I would like to use and so I guess I need a here's the hard part...who and how much shld I spend?
Any advice?

Will greatly appreciate any help!

Wednesday, December 19

Purpose of Worship

Purpose of Worship: Glorifying

Worship is fellowship with God with praise and giving of honour due to Him. This is plain from the Old Testament form of worship.
New Testament fellowship with God is made possible through the offering of Jesus Christ, the true Lamb of God.

Now we meet with God in blessed covenant fellowship as Christ dwells among us through His Spirit.

There are two New Testament words for worship.
The first means "to kiss the hand of" or "to bow down towards" or to pay homage to someone. This is the word used to signify humble adoration. The second main word means "to render honor" or "to pay homage." Both words carry the idea of giving something to God.

In our humanistic society, there is a strong tendency to make our worship services man-centered instead of God-centered. Dr. P.Y. De Jong sounded a warning about this many years ago: "Today we hear voices insisting that worship must meet our needs."

Worship of God must be glorifying to God and edifying. We exalt the Lord in worship and we are spiritually blessed also in the process of adoring and seeking God.

Purpose of Worship: Edifying

When complaints are lodged against the worship service of a church (sometimes legitimately), ninety-nine percent of the time the complaint is, "I didn't get anything out of the service!" How often does the complainer say, "This worship service brought no glory to God!"?

We should begin to think about our worship services by considering "God" and end in same way (Isa 42:8 ). God is great and greatly to be praised: "I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images."
Because of this principle truth, our view of God will directly affect how we worship in church.

If man exists for the sake of the glory of God rather than that God should exist for the sake of
the happiness of man, worship takes on a new perspective.

Whether or not he receives personal satisfaction and pleasure from the acts of worship is secondary. We do not throw this out as a consideration, but it is subordinated to a higher aim and goal: the glory of our God.

Worship that is glorifying to God will also edify His church. That is the second purpose of worship.

Worship in the church should therefore edify or build up those engaged in it,
not by what may sound good to the ears (the flesh) but by words that impact the heart of man (the spirit).

Source: RPG Online

Monday, December 17

Thank You Dear Frenz

I am a really lazy person and I apologise to those who were affected by this 'disease'

I drafted this post like on the 1st Oct but left it to 'rot' in the 'drafts' folder till now.

Procrastinate no more Jzin!

So here it is...fresh out of the 'drafts' birthday thank you list

Thank you dear friends who remembered and esp those who celebrated with me.

I really enjoyed myself and (almost) forgot how OLD i was.
I was esp touched this year because I did not really expect much greetings, let alone pressies from overseas!

Love u guys!

Thank you...
Yvie, Yellow, Amanda, Kay, Nat, Jeremy, TS Sim, Gao, Paul & Serena, 'Mummy' & 'Aunty', Shuhuai, Fangee, Lydia, Clara, Sara Jean, Angela, Lum, Jason & 'Niece 'Tabz, Cam, Joyce, Sara Sin, Yali, the list goes on, sorry if i did not list down your name here

Thanks esp to sis, yellow, kay, van, charles, jeannie, julia, 'mummy' jaz & 'aunty' shan, Jason & Tabz, Lum & Esther

Ambushed! (a long overdue post...)

Thanks to Veron's recommendation on her blog, I'm beginning to fall in love with this place.

My first visit was on the faithful 7% GST day...first day of the 7% GST...

There are no long queues and the price is reasonable

They make really nice Al dente pastas. Just right!

Recommended: Swedish meatball pasta, Risotto, Slipper Lobster Pasta

Wednesday, December 12

What is our National Treasure?

I am not writing this just for the sake of winning a free pair of tickets to National Treasure 2 (jzin u cheapo!)

But seriously, since Singapore doesn't have much of natural resources and everything else seems to be man-made, I propose that our national treasure is our people. We are the nation, and Singapore is the people. For without which, Singapore is nothing. (I think the NDP2008 committee can rope me in liao LOL)
Publish Post

Tuesday, December 11

A Lazy Post on the Event @Essential Brew

Just came back from Essential Brew and Wala...

I thought the food was wonderful (or maybe I was famished)! I had Lemongrass chicken and also tried some of ah zhou's (Dory with oolong sauce) and jairus' food (mustard chicken?). Very yummy but guess only ah zhou's fish was the healthiest of the lot since the fish wasn't breaded/fried, it looks like it was grilled. The mustard chicken had lots of fat (skin), and the lemongrass chicken which was breaded (in turn absorbed lotsa oil thus making it fatty...) ...opps...sorry...occupational hazard!

I must say the food was wayyy better than the last time we were there.

Only real problem (that really bothered most pple) was that by the time the food was all served, some of us had to eat them cold. :(

The event itself was fun, funny, and frankly a bit overwhelming. I think like some others, I basically kept pretty much to myself and din really talk to many others (already slowly regretting it...).

As of what happened, already as of ard midnight, there are at least 3 posts about the event.

My computer's a bit slower than usual tonight, and so is my little cpu in my brain. So here is my little tinny contribution to what transpired tonight...

Ok...I know my contribution is super small and i realised I had not taken as much pics as I wld like to. So i am imploring the more hardworking ones who were snapping away to be a dear and send along some photos along this way? =)

eujzin [at] yahoo [dot] com

Much appreciated...

-The Lazy Nutritionist

Friday, December 7

Going once...twice...SOLD!

After two years of advertising and countless viewings, we finally managed to get a good price for our apartment!

Come Feb 2008, no more Lakeside MRT for me! no more changing of buses AND mrt trains just to get to town or work.

You guys can't complain tt I live in Boonlaysia no more! LOL

After seven years here, its sayonara Summerdale! ...I am gonna miss u...and the gym, the tennis court, and the pool, and the friendly neighbours...

Sunday, December 2

I Believe

Went to Dreamer's Cafe at MS last night with Yellow, together with my friends, Ju and his wife, Jane.

There were two groups of musicians (they were all good! I so wanted to go karaoke after hearing them!) and one grp sang this song which got stucked in my mind. Thought I share this song with u...the song, super high wan.

btw, last day to click click click on the Nike ad! Click to help a friend (ME!)!

Tuesday, November 20

A (Male) Model's Life - A Glimpse

As requested by Yellow...

Are they hot or scorching even?!

Check out Dennis O and Oh Ji-Ho!

NOTE: This post is a humorous entry to parody Yellow's latest post.

Thursday, November 15

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

One of the many reasons why I love this tiny island is the arts scene. Trust me...itz WAYYY better than Melbourne's or Adelaide's (I lived in these places for 5 years)

Christmas period is my fave time. Besides being the celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is also the time of many concerts and playing of christmas songs.

The following are some concerts I would love to catch this season!

Jeremy Monteiro, Tuck & Patti and Paul Ponnudorai
Singapore, USA and Malaysia
22 Dec 07, Sat, 7.30pm
Concert Hall

Great company, abundant goodwill and fantastic music. What better way to mark the yuletide season?

In A Jazzy Christmas, Singapore’s "King of Swing", Jeremy Monteiro, acclaimed duo Tuck & Patti, and soulful singer-musician Paul Ponnodurai celebrate the festive season (as well as Jeremy’s 30th year in the world of jazz) with a delightful lineup of Christmas songs, original compositions and well-loved jazz, blues and gospel standards.

Husband-and-wife duo, Tuck and Patti, has been known to take audiences' breath away, melding guitar virtuosity and soulful singing into "an intimate musical conversation that involves everyone, moves everyone, shakes everyone" (Aspen Times).

Vocalist and guitarist Paul Ponnudorai has been acclaimed by Time magazine as "possibly the greatest musical interpreter of our time".

This December, experience some of the greatest musical conversations between friends in A Jazzy Christmas and let these gifted musicians lift you up with their music and passion.

(110 mins, with 20 intermission)

Pricing: $40, $60 or (i cannot afford liao)

The Standards: The Beatles, Nat King Cole, Teresa Teng, and Shanghai Jazz
Presented by re:mix
by re:mix
16 Dec 07(Sun) 3.00pm & 7.30pm
Recital Studio

Foo Say Ming violin, music direction

"To say the full-house audience enjoyed re: mix... would be an understatement" - Straits Times Life!

This December, re: mix traces some of the music of popular culture and examines how these works have become the "standards" of today. As a collaborative project with local composer Kelly Tang, re: mix also explores the potential of these musical pieces as concert pieces for the contemporary classical petit ensemble.

Delight in the music of Nat King Cole, Teresa Teng, and music that is increasingly known today as Shanghai Jazz, as well as selections from Peter Breiner's Baroque Beatles brought to you by re: mix and Kelly Tang.

Pricing: $20!

(No intermission)

Simple Gifts: Christmas with the Singapore Lyric Opera
Presented by Singapore Lyric Opera
Singapore Lyric Opera
20th and 21st Dec 07, Thu & Fri, 7.30pm
Concert Hall

In this time of sharing and giving, let the Singapore Lyric Opera present you with a gift of seasonal songs.

Enjoy the exuberance of John Rutter's Magnificat performed by The Anglo-Chinese Junior College Choir, Yishun Junior College Chorale, the Amadeus Chorus and the Singapore Lyric Opera Chorus, together with soprano Nancy Yuen. And delight in the angelic voices of the Singapore Lyric Opera Children's Choir, accompanied by harpist Katryna Tan, as they present Benjamin Britten's A Ceremony of Carols, one of the 20th century's seminal choral works.

Then celebrate with the choirs as they bring you popular carols and invite the audience to sing along.

Performing with the combined chorus is The Philharmonic Orchestra, led by young and upcoming homegrown conductor, Joshua Tan Kang Ming.

(110mins, including intermission)

Pricing: $18, 28, 38, ok...enuff...

Anyone interested? Leave a comment or shout at the CBox/shoutbox/tagboard

Saturday, November 10

A Short Update

Not really sure how to start nor write this entry...too many things to write abt.

Itz been ages since i last blogged about my personal life. Work really takes a toll on my energy. I really wanna blog so much...there's so much to say BUT coming home after 8pm on average, I feel so so tired that I cld hardly go on MSN let alone blog. (but i make it a point to have a post at least once a week)

So tonight I thot I just write abt watever comes to my mind and not care too much abt my english, grammar, spelling, vocab, etc

I want to blog abt my birthday...put up the pictures, talk abt my new job at Alexandra Hospital.

In short, I will blog later and more abt my birthday week, and my new work life.

I had thot tt my birthday this year wld be relatively quiet but thanks to many frenz, I enjoyed myself and din feel lonely. e.g. Yellow was very sweet to pei me for my birthday dinner. And mummy and shan ordered a nice cake for me despite them being in Adelaide. (So surprised and touched). Thanks to my sis, I had a life changing experience by going thru LASIK.

Actually before my birthday, i was rather depressed with the things my life was...but God is gracious and even when u forget Him at times, He never forgets you.

Then after bd week, LASIK, then a job interview and an offer. The rest, as they say is history (ok ok...not exactly history...)
I enjoy my work at AH, being able to do what I want to do and more. I love giving talks to the schools. It is very fulfilling and I dun dread it. I try to practise Kaizen (continuous improvement) in my talks so as to improve myself with each talk. Plus the kids are rather adorable and endearing.

The colleagues at work are nice. Boss is understanding enuff (but i still waiting for my first BIG scolding...everyone gets it so i'm just hoping to get mine over and done with)
Plus many many other perks in this job! I'm lovin' it!

So much I dun mind a bit of OT and going back to work on Saturdays!
in fact...another few hours and I'll be back in the office!

Well, hope this is a good enuff update my dear frenz...
cheerios! more details coming soon...stay tuned...

Sunday, November 4

I'm Lovin' It! Life After LASIK...

For many people and myself, laser treatment mean new freedom -

  • freedom to change the way the world sees you
  • freedom from the time-consuming, day-to-day hassle of glasses or contact lenses
  • freedom to play sports without the inconvenience of glasses or contact lenses
  • freedom to go on holiday and to work without worrying about your eyesight (bringing lens solution, extra soft lens, etc)
  • freedom to wake up during the night (and in the morning) and see clearly
  • freedom to not have the need to take off glasses to clean the fogged-up lens after leaving an air-con environment to a non-a/c one
  • freedom to swim without glasses or optical goggles
  • freedom to simply clean the perspiration off your face during exercise

It has been a month and my eyes are healing pretty well. Just the occasional dry eyes. Nothing eye drops couldn't help relieve! :)

Edit: btw, I did my op with the LASIK Surgery Clinic at Paragon...nice friendly people. Pleasant waiting areas too (Got macs to go onto the internet)

Sunday, October 28

Pingsters @ HV like Eons ago!

We had a gathering of the Ping not too long ago...I remember it was one of brennan's first appearance after enlistment. He looked really garang haha...and 'chao ta' (burnt). It was a nice lazy afternoon where we cld just meet up and chat and laff over food and drinks. The place: Essential Brew @HV.

Since starting at the hospital, I've been mega tired so I'll just let your fingers do the walking as I let the pictures do the talking.

These jasmine rice balls are an acquired taste...soup was ok though...

Thursday, October 25

Click Click Click!

Is a rare thing ( is my FIRST) that I got someone willing to put an advert on my blog.

SO....u know wat to do...CLICK CLICK CLICK!

JDI~ as the famous Nike saying goes...Just Do It!

Yes...see that NIKE ad on the right? Please direct your mouse there and click. And thatz all u need to do. Very little energy needed. Just a little movement of your fingers and wrist muscles.

Thank you!!! =)

Sunday, October 21

Here's To The Heroes

I love's a particular one from my fave grp of tenors.
The Ten Tenors, hailing from Australia are a grp of young talented tenors who tickle your ears as well as your funny bones. They are not afraid to experiment and bring classical music to the masses through their clever arrangements and lyrics. This particular song, 'Here's to the Heroes' (i think originally sung by Mario Frangoulis) is my personal fave as their voices blend very well in harmony here, together with the stirring music and simple words that is simply inspiring. A fitting tribute to heroes.

Here's to the heroes
Those few who dare
Heading for glory
Living a prayer

Here's to the heroes
Who change our lives
Thanks to the heroes
Freedom survives

Here's to the heroes
Who never rest
They are the chosen
We are the blessed

Here's to the heroes
Who aim so high
Here's to the heroes
Who do or die

Mia monacha prosefchi (A single prayer)
Pera os pera alithini (Truthful throughout)
Gia panta mesa stin kardia mou (Forever in my heart)

Here's to the heroes
Who aim so high
Here's to the heroes
Who do or die

Thursday, October 11

Eclectic Attic

I was meeting Van to watch "The Nanny Diaries" ( ) at PS so I looked for a dinner place while waiting for her. As it was a Friday, I searched for a place that served vegetarian as Van eats only veggies on Fridays.

I noticed this shop selling antique/collectibles/oddities and I remembered reading abt it and its cafe.
This place was supposedly recommended by CNA
Hidden away in the 5th level of PS, it was called Eclectic Attic and the decor was really that. I liked it as it was unique and quiet (then at 6pm). Plus they have vegetarian options!

Sitting with antiques and collectibles, the ambience was interesting, however no photography was allowed :(

We ordered soup, and two vegetarian pastas.
The pasta was wonderful...cooked al dente and despite my pasta sounding bland, it was bursting with flavours with little help from the olive oil and herbs only.

It was a good experience and service was friendly.

HOWEVER, avoid the cream of mushroom soup...wat we had wasn't the least bit tasted like no-fat milk with specks of mushroom in it. and oh, it looked like cookies and cream in milk. NOT appetising

What I liked: the friendliness of staff, the ambience, the pasta dishes!
What I disliked: though friendly, they lack initiative...they din ask to provide pepper, cheese nor chilli flakes. NO PHOTOGRAPHY. YUCKY TASTING SOUP.

Overall Rating:

Eclectic Attic
L5 Plaza Singapura

Tuesday, October 9

Monday, October 8

My Intralase LASIK Experience

I'm here to say that within a few minutes after the operation, I sat up from the operating chair, I could see everyone and everything in the room. I cried, for me it was a miracle. I tested 6/15 the next day, and I could drive within 24 hours - without GLASSES!!!! My vision fluctuated for about 2 days. I just didn't read or read the computer screen for those 48 hours. I had NO complications, no halos, no on-going blurred vision, no pain, no infections. Every single day of the past week I am thankful and awestruck that I can 'see', I still can't get over it. Yes, I guess I'm a 'poster-child' for all that can go right.

Before Op outside Lasik Surgery Clinic

After Op
The next day

Some information about my INTRALASE LASIK:

LASIK eye flaps are traditionally created using a mechanical microkeratome. This has genereally been a safe technique. However, the microkeratome produces a meniscus-shaped flap of variable overall thickness and always thinner in the center than at the edges. Occasionally a corneal abrasion or an irregular, incomplete, or button-hole flap results.

The IntraLase™ femtosecond laser virtually eliminates the risk traditionally involved in creating a LASIK eye flap. The LASIK surgeon programs the desired thickness, diameter, and hinge placement. Then, without using a blade, the IntraLase™ laser creates a predictable uniform-thickness flap. IntraLASIK is an all-laser LASIK vision treatment that minimizes the possibility of flap complications while maximizing comfort and safety.

Benefits of IntraLASIK with the IntraLase™ femtosecond laser include:

  • A premium approach to eye safety
  • Virtually eliminates risk with eye flap creation
  • Produces consistently perfect eye flaps
  • Preserves corneal sensation better
  • Markedly less dry eye complaints
  • Virtually no eye flap induced distortion
  • Lower LASIK eye enhancement rate
Following your LASIK laser eye surgery, you will be required to attend three (3) post-operative examinations:
  • 24 hrs after the laser eye surgery
  • 1 to 2 weeks
  • 1 to 3 months (as advised by your optometrist)
How to take care of your eyes post-op:
The day of laser eye surgery should be a day of rest. Your eyes are very sensitive and it is very important to take extra care about activities in which the eye may be poked, rubbed or touched. Keep your eyes well lubricated.
  • Avoid rubbing eyes. If your eyes are irritated, use lubricant drops.
  • Avoid staring without lubricating the eyes.
  • Take a bath instead of a shower. Avoid soap and water in the eyes.
24 hours post surgery
  • Shower but continue to avoid any soap or water in the eyes.
  • Limit yourself to light activities. Going to the office should probably be avoided. Work at home is acceptable.
  • Driving short distances after the eye examination is acceptable if adequate vision is confirmed at the post-operative evaluation.
  • Reading, watching TV, working on the computer and office work is acceptable, but it is very important to keep eyes well-lubricated.
  • Flying in airplanes is acceptable but keep eyes generously lubricated (every 30 minutes) – airplanes have very dry air.
Day 3 to a week after
  • Light exercise (e.g. treadmill, Stairmaster, stationary bike).
  • Playing with children (be careful).
  • Moderate alcohol consumption may be resumed.
  • Sauna or steam room
One week later
  • Outdoor activities: jogging, rollerblading, relaxed bicycling (no mountain biking), playing golf.

Activities that can begin after 1 week WITH eye protection.

  • Sun-tanning and salon tanning with eye protection for LASIK surgery patients.
  • Racquet sports: tennis, squash, racquetball, badminton.
  • Swimming, waterslides, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing.
  • Basketball, soccer, baseball.
  • Motorcycling (wear eye protection).
A month later

Activities that can begin at 1 month WITH eye protection.

  • Water skiing, wind surfing, kayaking, surfing.
  • Sun-tanning and salon tanning with eye protection for PRK patients.
  • Dirt biking, mountain biking.

Activities that can begin at 1 month without eye protection. Proceed with caution:

  • Riding a roller coasters.
  • Dying your hair and eyebrows
  • Swimming, waterslides, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing.
  • Basketball, soccer, baseball.

LASIK eye surgery can provide patients quickest improvement in their vision.

But according to the Eye Surgery Education Council, although many patients see improved vision immediately or the day after surgery, the full improvement may not be seen for up to a few months.

Side effects - including dry eyes, blurry vision and reduced night vision - are not uncommon and are usually temporary after LASIK surgery. Most of these symptoms clear up on their own. If they don't, the eye council recommends talking to your doctor.

So if you are considering Lasik:

- Make sure you have somewhere to stay right after the surgery. Somewhere peaceful and dark where you can sleep.
- Be able to make many phone calls. Conversation is your only source of entertainment for the first 24 hours since you can't read, watch TV, or use a computer. And you won't feel like partying.
- Have those eye drops on you at all times.
- Have lots of panadol or some painkiller ready, or better, handy.
- Do NOT have plans for the next day or you may be disappointed. Sometimes it may take a few days before life is back to normal.

Sources: Wikipedia,