Saturday, September 29

Meet up with 'Mummy' & the rest...and some reminiscing

Note: backdated entry...supposed to be posted in July!

Met up with Jaz aka 'mummy' today

I also met up with Lilian, Huiya, Mindy, and Shan (who joined us after her dinner)

We met at City Hall MRT (bad place to meet pple i tell u, itz like the whole Singapore congregates there...itz worse than Orchard man!)
We went to Din Tai Fung (DTF) @Raffles City fer din as we din know where else to go (that is not overly crowded).
It wasn't as fantastic as the one @Paragon...(btw, why this time the Adelaide reunions all at DTF ah??)
The veggie (spinach with garlic) was salty (much saltier than the one @Paragon) and the dumplings were quite bland leh. Not consistent!

Later, Shan joined us and we all headed to Menotti for desserts! Finally! Can go there. Been wanting to go there since my dinner with Kay @?Ricciotti
The desserts were good! I esp liked Sofiato. The tiramisu was a let down though. And the gelato? Cannot beat Lygon St (Melbourne) lah!

Then Shan and I took the MRT home. It was good to have company as the train rides are usually super boring. Even better was there an opportunity to exercise by being a gentleman and walking Shan to her home. ahhhh...I miss the times when I wld go fer walks with frenz in Adelaide when it was winter esp. mummy, shan, jason, gillian, amanda and fangyi, jie and yellow. I love walking after dinners and I wld drag (some of them) out of the comforts of their heated rooms and away from their beloved column heaters! haha...those were the days. I missed it so.


Thursday, September 27

Best Birthday Pressie!!! I write this, I am still can't get over the good news!

hey...I am still hyperventilating since I read my stay tuned for more details of the pressie I got! Yet to confirm so can't release too much info...

Let's just say, I can start buying more stuff real soon...

Tuesday, September 25

Live 11 Years Longer

A Cambridge study came up with this formula for longevity. Apparently small actions count and one can add up to 11 years simply by doing the following:

- Give up smoking (+5years)
- Moderate exercise, 30mins sessions 3x per week (+3years)
- Eat five servings of fruit and veggies a day (+3years)

Monday, September 24

A Blessed Birthday Post

Blessed Birthdaeeeee tooooooo meeeee!!!

(TRIED SO HARD to forget my birthday but fiends, erm, i mean friends kept reminding me...)

Saturday, September 22


I initially wanted to blog abt my weekend but something happened when I got back home just now and I am extremely depressed and discouraged now.

I can handle it well when life throws at u difficult situations one by one. However, real life is not like this but many problems can come at you altogether at ard the same time (or accumulate over time!).

I have been telling myself that I love what I studied and believe that I can do well in my field if given the chance. But right up till now since I came back from studies, I have not been given a chance to prove myself, sadly but realistically, I feel that I am judged on my one big failure and it seems to pretty much condemned me to a sad state I am in now. It's been nine months and I am nowhere closer to working in the industry I have passion for now than I am before my postgrad studies.
Doubt is so insidious. It really eats you up inside if u feed it. I try and I tried so hard to encourage myself, telling myself to cheer up and look on the bright side. but i see none. Well, there was more light at the beginning but that has slowly dimmed into almost darkness.

Should I go on and keep striving towards being a dietitian in a nursing home, keep believing that health promotion is my calling? or just give it up and just do something that pays? anything.
Isn't that's what many are doing? Not many are chasing their dreams. Many are just stuck in the doldrum of just working and carrying out their responsibility to earn and support the family at the expense of their dreams and ideals. After all, can dreams or ideals feed you?

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Thursday, September 20

Random thoughts and reflections

(Another super-late entry...supposed to be posted last month!!!)

Been working late the past few nights and I feel like crap.

However I am thankful I caught up with few of my frenz from Adelaide. I do miss them and Adelaide!

I have so far met up with...Liyan (yellow), Joyce, Bernice, Shan, Jaz ('mummy'), & Alsen.

I was much reminded of the times we spend together. Yellow, Joyce, and I (and Charlotte'Jie' who's still in Adl) used to cook together and we had lots of fun then. Me and my antics in the kitchen...I was still a novice in cooking and I was alwis using them as guinea pigs (incl. my housemates and classmates LOL)

They would alwis be going "eujzin...when can we eat?! Australian Idol starting leh...we dun wan to miss Dean Geyer...) *faints* And I would alwis be making a mess of the kitchen (thus gaining the frowns and disapproval of Liyan and 'Jie')
I remembered once where instead of adding a cup of chicken stock, I added one cup of chicken...POWDER instead!!!

And my wonderful housemates 'mummy' and shan, they were like my surrogate mothers hur hur, 'mothering' me whenever I am sick or feeling down. I was very fortunate to have them. And my classmates and frenz. So many of them, too many to mention here. They made my life more bearable (final year was a killer with clinical placements and all). THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Back to wat wanted to say, I miss the 'space' I got when living in Australia. I have stayed in Melbourne for 3 years and Adelaide 2. Despite shared accomodation, most of us get our own personal space, a lot. Now, back in Singapore, suddenly it feels like a culture shock. EVERYTHING seems to be so claustrophobic. The roads' crowded, the shopping centres' crowded, restrooms, eating places, even at home! Not that I hate my parents, I love them but they seemed to be getting on my nerves every single moment they see me. It's either a comment from them (naggings) or something they do (tidying up your room thus messing up your 'system'). I guess that's what happens when you live away from your parents for too long, you get USED to them not being around. I miss my personal space. and in Singapore, one has to get used to not having your space coz itz just the way things are. few actually have the means to move out to live on their own though I suspect many would love to. It's just SO DIFFERENT having your own place. Just imagine.

Wednesday, September 19

JuZ JZin Rambling...: Tee Design Contest!


Here are the entries so far...check it out!

JuZ JZin Rambling...: Tee Design Contest!

Arzhou's Design

Nannywen's Design

Agitato's Design









Khazampc Tee Design Contest! is having its first community tee design competition which led to my first foray into using PSE 5.0 (see above at my feeble attempt).

The benefits of having a T-shirt?

  1. We create a sense of identity when we go to events as a group.
  2. We can proudly proclaim ourselves to be a member of this community.
  3. We can wear this together when we attend any event as a group (No more looking lost when looking for pingsters during gatherings!)
The benefits of participating in this T-Shirt Design competition?
  1. The winning entry will be getting SGD 100 from
  2. Practice your skills in creating a tee.
  3. Most importantly, you will gain the recognition and respect among's community as the official T-Shirt designer, and you can be proud seeing your design worn by local bloggers.
The requirements:
1. The tee has to have's logo.
2.'s URL -

Closing Date: 1st October 2007

For more info, please check out the forum here

Treats For Your Sweet?

Calling all friends, cake lovers, budding bakers and domestic goddess-wannabes!

Join my fren Sylvia for a time of relaxing & fun baking. Learn to make gorgeous treats such as ice-cream cakes, lavender cream ├ęclairs or chocolate fudges and mousse cakes in less than 2.5 hours!

All workshops are conducted in small groups so you’ll receive all the guidance you need.
Well the aim is not to load you with many tedious or complicated techniques but for you to enjoy stress-free smart (& relatively healthy) baking!

Update: More info on workshops

Workshops conducted by home-baker and nutritionist Sylvia

Sylvia is a dedicated nutritionist who runs a F&B nutrition consultancy and a home-based bakery.

Much of her time is spent in the kitchen creating yummy novel treats that are easy on the waistline and arteries.

Her baking days started more than 10 years ago where she emerged as a top three graduate with a SHATEC diploma in pastry and baking. She worked under the wings of Grand Hyatt's best pastry chefs and the experience has helped her achieve a gold medal in the 1998 Food Hotel Asia Pralines competition.

Since then, she has been actively baking many delightful treats for many functions and her loved ones.


Do give her a ring @ 9199-9937 if you wanna secure a place in the workshops!

Sunday, September 16

Fellowship of the Ping

For those who want the photos that I have taken of the HV gathering
Please direct your mouse cursor here

Disclaimer: The photo quality pretty baaad. I blame the camera and the camera man (me!) =P

Addendum: And for Daphnemaia's photos of the here

Friday, September 14

A bit of my NS Days

Recon (US) or Recce (British) - To patrol looking for enemy movements and facilities in order to gain information. Generally, contact is avoided if at all possible.
- Marine Corps Dictionary

Basically, that was what my training during National service involved. Playing hide and seek.

We hide from the enemy while seeking information on them.
My deputy (DY) always explains simply when trying to impress the gals, "You know James Bond? Right...we are the army version of him..."

From BMT (Basic Military Training) to SISPEC (School of Infantry SPECialists), and on to SMI (School of Military Intelligence). I must say my NS days were fun, tough but fun .

Why tough?
We had to carry extremely heavy backpacks and walk 80km in less than 24 hours. that's one good example.
and I never knew I could ever get the gold award for IPPT (fitness test) till I became a recce commander.
Before NS - ZERO or half...
Recon days -10 to 12

Before - 15 mins plus plus plus
Recon days - 9 mins or so

I would probably dread my NS life (that's 2 and a half years for u, NOT 2 years) if I had gone the common & 'popular' goto BMT->"section...CHARGE!!!" aka chiong sua (charge hill) route

Instead, i was 'blessed' to be selected to be a recce spec. I guess the life kinda suits me. Like our school symbol, I was an owl. The infantry would operate and conduct missions while we sleep in the day. Come evening, when pple start to sleep, that's when we become alive!

We learnt about almost everything...can say we are jack of all trades but master of none! We went thru a bit of medic training (those needles were HUGE...we could see the bore thickness unlike the usual injection needles u see! We wld almost faint when our partners could not insert properly and start to 'navigate' thru our veins!!!), heli-ops training, combat engineer training, survival training (conducted by rangers who we deemed as psychopaths with no life but the army), signal training, and best of all, our bike training! heh...we Brigade Recon Company people ride bikes (Honda 180 scramblers then) most of the time! Not many military units have such privy and fun like us.

Such is the life when you earn the jungle hat and the short modified carbine rifle. man...wat was it called? The AR-15?

We even gave ourselves I loved gadgets so much, my company called me "Gadget"
pretty cool name no?

I miss those days

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It's a friday night, most of your frens' are out. And u are at home telling yourself that u are avoiding the weekend crowd as well as the weekend movie price hike. You are almost convinced by your own logic and reasoning when you realised you are not at home alone in what you thought was your private sanctuary...
...Enter the parents...somehow unwittingly trying to ruin your life. AS USUAL...

You are frustrated and start looking for friends where none can be found. No one to call, no one to talk to. You know some of your frenz are out enjoying themselves and no one's online...wat do u do?
(to be continued...while I find some way to channel this frustration and energy positively...)

Thursday, September 13

My Top Cinemas In Singapore

In no particular order...

  • The Cathay - Eight cinema halls tt can seat up to 1,842 in comfy Quinette Gallay seats! Dun forget they have 24-hr screenings for those insomniacs out there. Relatively shorter queues, The Picturehouse, and UOB/POSB deals! Plus they've got an array of food like popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, sandwiches, muffins and salads! And oh, did I mention that they do food/snax deliveries to your seat? Talk abt service!
  • Cineleisure (Also known as Cathay Orchard) - 3 levels, 12 screens, seating capacity of 2,135. THX system (The best there is). And the seats are ergonomically designed with you in mind...stadium-style seating with unobstructed view. 'nuff said!
  • GV Tiong Bahru - Six halls seating over 1,500 pple. Off the beaten track - means less crowds! plus its pretty near town
  • GV Great World - comfy comfy seats, not overly crowded compared to the Cathay big guns. Near town
  • GV Vivo - The monster of them all. 15 screens with seating capacity of 2,173! Plus, itz in Vivocity, one of the largest shopping ctrs. 5 visits and up till now, I've yet to explored the whole place!
  • GV @JP - Simply becoz sometimes I feel like watching a movie alone and it just takes me 10 mins to walk there =P
  • When all else fails (meaning u find it hard to get tix to that blockbuster) - the grandest hall of them all - Prince 1 - its seating capacity is 1,259.

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Wednesday, September 12



[ra-tuh-TOO-ee; ra-tuh-TWEE] A popular dish from the French region of Provence that combines eggplant, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, zucchini, garlic and herbs-all simmered in olive oil. The vegetables can vary according to the cook. They can be cooked together, or cooked separately and then combined and heated briefly together. Ratatouille can be served hot, cold or at room temperature, either as a side dish or as an appetizer with bread or crackers.

- Food Lover's Companion

Also known as Pixar's story abt a rat who loves cooking.
I caught it yesterday ALONE coz most of my frenz I asked watched it already so I decided to catch it before it ends its screening here in Singapore. I have been waiting for this movie for ages. Goodness knows why the the film distributors decided to screen this movie so late in Singapore (US and Australia already ended its run. In July that is.)

However, I was quite disappointed when I caught it. It was nice ya, the animation was great (the water and the buildings looked so real) but to me, it lacked the usual Brad Bird and Pixar magic. Brad Bird did 'The Iron Giant' and 'The Incredibles'.

Pixar had films like Finding Nemo & Monsters Inc. as precedents hence I expected much more from this film.

Obviously, the visuals were fantastic, which Pixar is famous for, but the story lacked the cleverness & humor of previous Pixar movies, and the characters were simply not endearing enough. I was expecting lots of laughs and touching moments but I had little laughs and was not touched. I was actually infuriated with the bumbling useless Linguini. Remy the rat however, did alright.
The voice characterisations were good, there were some good jokes, but they were much too few and far between to keep things afloat.
I found it a little slow, and the plot and characters were rather predictable. It's chatty at times, and the younger kids in the cinema became restless fairly frequently, especially in the latter half of the movie.

Maybe it's just me: 2 hours of even the best-quality animation gets old after a while.

I understand Pixar wants to distance themselves from the competition, and they do. But 111 minutes is pretty long for what basically is an extended cartoon for kids. They could have edited down and made a tighter, more enjoyable movie.
This movie was nowhere near the genius of Nemo and Monsters.

What I did like most besides the animation was the mantra in the movie - "Anyone can cook". Food, glorious food. I love food; cooking, eating. The movie did inspire me to experiment more with cooking and get back to cooking. I have not cooked much since I came back from Australia and after this movie, I am motivated to get back to cooking!

So watch out friends! Dun say I din warn u... Prepare your antacids and charcoal pills coz Eu-Jzin is back in the kitchen!

Monday, September 10


Apparently I am NOT mad!

Often when I am out, I would think that my phone is ringing or vibrating but it actually wasn't.

Today, I was reading Cleo (Aug 2007) and I found out that this condition actually exists and has a name - RINGXIETY

Yes, ringxiety!

Cleo writes
" A combination of the words "ringer" and "anxiety", the term describes the sensation and false notion that one can hear his mobile phone ringing or feel its vibration, when in fact it's not doing so. the reason that humans are extra sensitive to auditory tones between 1,000 to 6,000 Hz, and ringtones often fall within this range, which can be spatially difficult to locate, leading to potential confusion. False vibrations are is less understood and could be linked to psychological or neurologial sources. Are u sufffering from it yet?"

Friday, September 7

The Village People

Top Places I Recommend To Go At Dempsey Rd (aka Tanglin Village)

  • Ben & Jerry's - Proli the biggest B&J in Singapore, this place also has a bar so that patrons can have thier ice cream with liquor. The place has very cosy sofas for you to lounge away as you sip into your drinks after a satisfying ice-cream session.
  • CA California - the cafe connected to B&J so u can have a complete meal - from appetisers to desserts! Veri cosy veri casual.
  • Au Petit Salut French Restaurant - Remember Au Petit @Holland? For fine dining.
  • Angel's Share - Take note wine lovers, a selection of over 800 wines labels found here.
  • Oosh - I'm sure most of u have heard of this place so I shall not say more
  • PS Cafe - ditto (my fave spot for cakes and tea and just relax, after 2pm & before 5pm and after 9pm of course)
  • Wine Company - Nice wine. Feeling peckish? Check out their pasta and finger food

Saturday, September 1

One Rochester...finally!

Gosh, I had drafted this entry like, eons ago (3 months) and almost forgotten abt it!

I finally had the chance to check out One Rochester thanks to Yvie

Been wanting to go there for the longest time...twice I attempted but twice it was closed!

So at long last,

Well, here are some pictures to do the rest of the talking

The champagne? So-so...Veuve Clicquot
The finger food - YUMMY! Try it esp if u want more than the usual plain fries and u like spices...