Thursday, September 20

Random thoughts and reflections

(Another super-late entry...supposed to be posted last month!!!)

Been working late the past few nights and I feel like crap.

However I am thankful I caught up with few of my frenz from Adelaide. I do miss them and Adelaide!

I have so far met up with...Liyan (yellow), Joyce, Bernice, Shan, Jaz ('mummy'), & Alsen.

I was much reminded of the times we spend together. Yellow, Joyce, and I (and Charlotte'Jie' who's still in Adl) used to cook together and we had lots of fun then. Me and my antics in the kitchen...I was still a novice in cooking and I was alwis using them as guinea pigs (incl. my housemates and classmates LOL)

They would alwis be going "eujzin...when can we eat?! Australian Idol starting leh...we dun wan to miss Dean Geyer...) *faints* And I would alwis be making a mess of the kitchen (thus gaining the frowns and disapproval of Liyan and 'Jie')
I remembered once where instead of adding a cup of chicken stock, I added one cup of chicken...POWDER instead!!!

And my wonderful housemates 'mummy' and shan, they were like my surrogate mothers hur hur, 'mothering' me whenever I am sick or feeling down. I was very fortunate to have them. And my classmates and frenz. So many of them, too many to mention here. They made my life more bearable (final year was a killer with clinical placements and all). THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Back to wat wanted to say, I miss the 'space' I got when living in Australia. I have stayed in Melbourne for 3 years and Adelaide 2. Despite shared accomodation, most of us get our own personal space, a lot. Now, back in Singapore, suddenly it feels like a culture shock. EVERYTHING seems to be so claustrophobic. The roads' crowded, the shopping centres' crowded, restrooms, eating places, even at home! Not that I hate my parents, I love them but they seemed to be getting on my nerves every single moment they see me. It's either a comment from them (naggings) or something they do (tidying up your room thus messing up your 'system'). I guess that's what happens when you live away from your parents for too long, you get USED to them not being around. I miss my personal space. and in Singapore, one has to get used to not having your space coz itz just the way things are. few actually have the means to move out to live on their own though I suspect many would love to. It's just SO DIFFERENT having your own place. Just imagine.