Saturday, September 29

Meet up with 'Mummy' & the rest...and some reminiscing

Note: backdated entry...supposed to be posted in July!

Met up with Jaz aka 'mummy' today

I also met up with Lilian, Huiya, Mindy, and Shan (who joined us after her dinner)

We met at City Hall MRT (bad place to meet pple i tell u, itz like the whole Singapore congregates there...itz worse than Orchard man!)
We went to Din Tai Fung (DTF) @Raffles City fer din as we din know where else to go (that is not overly crowded).
It wasn't as fantastic as the one @Paragon...(btw, why this time the Adelaide reunions all at DTF ah??)
The veggie (spinach with garlic) was salty (much saltier than the one @Paragon) and the dumplings were quite bland leh. Not consistent!

Later, Shan joined us and we all headed to Menotti for desserts! Finally! Can go there. Been wanting to go there since my dinner with Kay @?Ricciotti
The desserts were good! I esp liked Sofiato. The tiramisu was a let down though. And the gelato? Cannot beat Lygon St (Melbourne) lah!

Then Shan and I took the MRT home. It was good to have company as the train rides are usually super boring. Even better was there an opportunity to exercise by being a gentleman and walking Shan to her home. ahhhh...I miss the times when I wld go fer walks with frenz in Adelaide when it was winter esp. mummy, shan, jason, gillian, amanda and fangyi, jie and yellow. I love walking after dinners and I wld drag (some of them) out of the comforts of their heated rooms and away from their beloved column heaters! haha...those were the days. I missed it so.