Monday, January 22

Min $30 to use NETS or Credit

WAT THE? I want to buy stuff from the retailers and they restrict me from spending? Doesn't make sense does it?
Well, I was in Jurong Point shopping for a birthday pressie when I saw the perfect gift for my fren. I took it to the counter and wanting to pay for it only to be told I cannot pay by card as the minimum amt is $30! I tried to look for cash but I fell 10cents short of the amount!

I tried to plea with the cashier and I gave her a dirty look of disgust and stormed off (fine! they do not want to earn my money, their loss! some other retailer's gain!)
True enuff, I went to another shop, cautiously asked if there was a minimum spend for card and the person looked at me strangely and smiled..."no, sir"

Well, this shop can expect me to go back again!

Thursday, January 18

Da... da da ta da 'How I Met your Mother'

Have you met "How I Met your Mother" (HIMYM)?

This hit comedy series from the US of A is awesome! I first watched it on TV in Australia last year. Then my fren, Lam had the whole first season and I started watching more and more and I fell in love with the series! It's funnny, it's sad, it's cool, it's awesome!

One of the things that makes HIMYM cool is the one-liners and the cool phrases
“When somebody opens up a container with an entire chicken in it. It is ok to assume they made lunch for everyone.” - Ted

And of course...Barney! He's "legend"...wait for it..."dary"

And being the music freak I am, I wld want to have the theme song (which is catchy by the way) of this new fave sitcom of mine.
So a few nites ago, I’m like surfing the net and I decided to check out the How I Met Your Mother page at Wikipedia. I’m looking around, seeing mostly stuff I already know, but noticed they attribute the theme song to “The Solids”. “I’ve always wondered wat that song was about”, I say to myself. I’ve been meaning to research it for one of my “Music from…” pieces. I figured tonight was as good a night as any to track down the MP3. So I google-d up for some answers. I found the band’s site,, and found that while they have links to many of their songs, the HIMYM theme song entitled “Hey Beautiful” was still “coming soon.” I did some further digging and found out other people were also looking for a way to download it.

Well I present to you, in shiny MP3 format, The Solids - Hey Beautiful for your downloading pleasure. The part we are all so familiar with starts around 3:08 near the end of the track.

In my search I also found out that two of the band members are connected to the show in more ways than one. Craig Thomas (drums and backing vocals) and Carter Bays (vocals and guitar), as you might know, are the two co-creators of the show!

So download the theme song, head over to their store and pick up some “The Solids”, write 2 'em and beg them to put it up on their own site, and thank them for the wonderful work they are doing. (This is my nice “please don’t sue me” plea.)

Monday, January 15

Interesting Tees and a bored Lam

A Tee wif a pseudo-Scarf
Put your face here for a bored look
Here's for it looks like for real...

More pictures from BKK

Issen this cool? A pink cab! They've got purple ones too! heh...i'm so himbotic

How come Sg only got the Reds but no Gunners? BKK has an Arsenal how cool! Besides, I reckon the Gunners has better fashion sense than the red devils this season...

Weird (Artistic) Display at a retail shop in Bangkok

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Sunday, January 14

Sa Wa Dee KAp

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Current State of Being

*this format was copied from my fren leonard, many thks!*

Dear frenz...

some of you already know that I'm moving back to Singapore, but now it's official! Many people have asked why I am moving back to Singapore and not staying on. Rightfully so. I had intended to 'settle down'. My heart was prepared to stay on in Adelaide and find a job there. To cut a very long story short, I'm going because I can with a fair degree of certainty, say that God has paved this path for me. Far too many coincidences (circumstances) have lined up for this to be a mistake. I have no idea where this path leads, but you know what? It doesn't realli matter. I have faith that all will be right.

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions ===========================
- Have you finished your post grad Masters degree yet?
No. I'm still enrolled in the Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics from Flinders Uni of South Australia. I am in my final year, however due to financial and other reasons that cannot be explained clearly thru this blog, I am hoping to finish it sometime...only God knows when...

- Are you moving away from Australia forever?
Maybe, maybe not. Adl's good, Sg's good too. I truthfully have not much preference about where life takes me now. If something brings me back to Australia or Adelaide, I'll be coming back.

- I take it you haven't found true love yet?
This is ultimately decided by God, who has chosen to keep me single for good reason. This is one of the 'coincidences' that turned out to be a good thing - being single allowed me to make certain decisions quicker
- "Ok I'm going to Singapore... Seeya!"

- Are you still looking?

Salutations! and welcome...

Hi you...

Welcome to the world that is eujzin...

haha...a bit of a random rambling BUT this blog thing's pretty therapeutic. Like a dairy, only it is NOT private. haha...just a bitching column for all to see (actually only applies to those actually interested to read it!)
But I am not the kind to write journals so this is pretty cool for me...a way to sorta express myself
and maybe those interested enuff to know what's in my weird mind of mine. to get to know me a little bit better.

Well...realli haf to thank u for reading thus far...thanks for taking an interest in my life. stay tune...