Monday, January 22

Min $30 to use NETS or Credit

WAT THE? I want to buy stuff from the retailers and they restrict me from spending? Doesn't make sense does it?
Well, I was in Jurong Point shopping for a birthday pressie when I saw the perfect gift for my fren. I took it to the counter and wanting to pay for it only to be told I cannot pay by card as the minimum amt is $30! I tried to look for cash but I fell 10cents short of the amount!

I tried to plea with the cashier and I gave her a dirty look of disgust and stormed off (fine! they do not want to earn my money, their loss! some other retailer's gain!)
True enuff, I went to another shop, cautiously asked if there was a minimum spend for card and the person looked at me strangely and smiled..."no, sir"

Well, this shop can expect me to go back again!