Sunday, January 14

Current State of Being

*this format was copied from my fren leonard, many thks!*

Dear frenz...

some of you already know that I'm moving back to Singapore, but now it's official! Many people have asked why I am moving back to Singapore and not staying on. Rightfully so. I had intended to 'settle down'. My heart was prepared to stay on in Adelaide and find a job there. To cut a very long story short, I'm going because I can with a fair degree of certainty, say that God has paved this path for me. Far too many coincidences (circumstances) have lined up for this to be a mistake. I have no idea where this path leads, but you know what? It doesn't realli matter. I have faith that all will be right.

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions ===========================
- Have you finished your post grad Masters degree yet?
No. I'm still enrolled in the Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics from Flinders Uni of South Australia. I am in my final year, however due to financial and other reasons that cannot be explained clearly thru this blog, I am hoping to finish it sometime...only God knows when...

- Are you moving away from Australia forever?
Maybe, maybe not. Adl's good, Sg's good too. I truthfully have not much preference about where life takes me now. If something brings me back to Australia or Adelaide, I'll be coming back.

- I take it you haven't found true love yet?
This is ultimately decided by God, who has chosen to keep me single for good reason. This is one of the 'coincidences' that turned out to be a good thing - being single allowed me to make certain decisions quicker
- "Ok I'm going to Singapore... Seeya!"

- Are you still looking?