Thursday, January 18

Da... da da ta da 'How I Met your Mother'

Have you met "How I Met your Mother" (HIMYM)?

This hit comedy series from the US of A is awesome! I first watched it on TV in Australia last year. Then my fren, Lam had the whole first season and I started watching more and more and I fell in love with the series! It's funnny, it's sad, it's cool, it's awesome!

One of the things that makes HIMYM cool is the one-liners and the cool phrases
“When somebody opens up a container with an entire chicken in it. It is ok to assume they made lunch for everyone.” - Ted

And of course...Barney! He's "legend"...wait for it..."dary"

And being the music freak I am, I wld want to have the theme song (which is catchy by the way) of this new fave sitcom of mine.
So a few nites ago, I’m like surfing the net and I decided to check out the How I Met Your Mother page at Wikipedia. I’m looking around, seeing mostly stuff I already know, but noticed they attribute the theme song to “The Solids”. “I’ve always wondered wat that song was about”, I say to myself. I’ve been meaning to research it for one of my “Music from…” pieces. I figured tonight was as good a night as any to track down the MP3. So I google-d up for some answers. I found the band’s site,, and found that while they have links to many of their songs, the HIMYM theme song entitled “Hey Beautiful” was still “coming soon.” I did some further digging and found out other people were also looking for a way to download it.

Well I present to you, in shiny MP3 format, The Solids - Hey Beautiful for your downloading pleasure. The part we are all so familiar with starts around 3:08 near the end of the track.

In my search I also found out that two of the band members are connected to the show in more ways than one. Craig Thomas (drums and backing vocals) and Carter Bays (vocals and guitar), as you might know, are the two co-creators of the show!

So download the theme song, head over to their store and pick up some “The Solids”, write 2 'em and beg them to put it up on their own site, and thank them for the wonderful work they are doing. (This is my nice “please don’t sue me” plea.)