Friday, June 29

Weirdest Blog Entry (aka Collar Stiffeners)

Hi peeps

Many may find this realli weird but for those who know me, you're proli thinking "It's just jzin"

Ya...for those who dunno, I have this absolute fascination for the weirdest things (well, weird to most).
Like today's topic - Collar Stiffeners...

It all started when I bought some new shirts for my newly revamped (again) wardrobe.
As my life from now onwards require me to wear long-sleeved (i hate loooong sleeved shirts), I bot mostly work clothes. mainly striped ones (i am so into stripes and colours). To be absolutely safe, i brought along a few fashion 'consultants' (thank you Char 姐,nana, sis) in case my shopping sprees turn out disastrous (juz ask my sister!) opps, and i digress...

Well, I realised that a lot of shirts had realli nice collars and they seem to be stiff and able to hold its shape very long. After much careful inspection, it came upon me there was this wonderful little thing that did that.
Yes...the humble collar stiffener!

Today, as I was putting my freshly laundered shirts back into the wardrobe, I decided to look at my older shirts (read: monocoloured, non-striped) and I found that my old CYC shirts had...yes, the humble collar stiffener! NO wonder, they alwis make me look so good (ahem!) when i wear them. The collars never seem to lose their shape and erm, stiffness! Wow...and all along I thot this collar stiffener thingy was a new thing!

Google and Wiki tells me that collar stiffeners (aka collar stays or collar bones) are considered shirt accessories.

"Collar stays are sleek, rigid strips of material inserted into a shirt collar to stabilize the collar’s points and ensure that it lays flat against a man's collarbone. This ensures the collar remains looking crisp and keeps the shirt collar in the correct place.

Collar stays are generally constructed of plastic but can also be made of steel, brass, gold and sterling silver (which is a very popular option, and commonly found in many retailers' collections).
The collar stiffeners are also available in a myriad of materials including platinum (with diamonds), gold plated brass, and vinyl.

Collar stays can be found in haberdashers and other men’s clothing stores. Key retailers of collar stays include Brooks Brothers.

And guess wat? You can even give them as gifts (goodness...mother of pearl £40, nickel £10, and even stirling silver £40!!!)!

My gosh...there's even an ORGANISER for collar stiffeners!!!
Now, who would have thot of that?

I know it's kinda weird (but hey, itz juz jzin), now I know what i want for my birthday *hint* LOL

PS: I learned a new word - Haberdasher: is a person who sells dude clothings and related accessories (think haberdashery)

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Tuesday, June 26

Why No One told me abt this Cool (and farnee) Clip?!

The clip in question is this TV show, 'Girls Out Loud' (this is wat happens when u got wayyy too much time on yer hands...)

Having been mostly overseas for the past 7 years, I'm absolutely clueless abt the local media scene.

So when I read abt Rosalyn Lee, I thought "Woah, this gal's got spunk, guts, brains, and with a face to match" so off googling I went and came up with this...presenting "Chapter Three of Ep 3" of 'Girls Out Loud"...

Interesting hor? 7 years ago no such thing man... Wat blogging? Wat YouTube? Wat Wendy Cheng (aka xiaxue)?!

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Sunday, June 24

This Year's NDP Theme Song - There's No Place I'd Rather Be

I know how most of you feel about NDP songs.

Seriously, I’d say it without any prompting from anyone.

Sad that past few years, the songs not as listenable as 'Home'- erm, the 1998 version wan ah, NOT the 2004 remix k! (pianz! who's the el cheapo who thought of that! *faints*)

The original untouched 'Home' was a still remains to this day in the hearts of many Singaporeans as THE NDP SONG

It invokes feelings of ... Home. If u are overseas, It makes u want to go back to Singapore, it makes u tear and think of your family and friends back in Singapore when u are overseas. TRY that with 'Reach out for the skies' or 'Shine on Me'.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I dropped my jaw (usually I'm in Australia that time) when they first release the NDP song that year and I'll be exclaiming and with *fists waving angrily in the air* to anyone who happened to be there, “Wah lau eh?! Again? CMI lah! THAT song is this year's NDP theme song?! Oh puhleese leh!”

Looking at some of the songs that came out over the years, I was tempted to write in to suggest scraping the idea of having one new song a year and divert the funds elsewhere. We could perhaps have more fireworks, for instance.

While the NDP theme song this year might not overtake the success of 'Home' of 1998, I can safely say that most, if not all, people would be willing to play this song and maybe even hum the tune once in a while.

Because it’s Kit Chan. sans Dick Lee.

(The Kit Chan+Dick Lee combi is like the power combo found in street fighter. Almost guarantee K.O.)

However this year, the powers to be decided to use Jimmy Ye. (Not sure if u remember him but if memory serves me right, he is the lawyer-turned-singer-turned-songwriter.)

This year's song lacks the usual cheesy fast paced music found in many NDP songs (think Rui En and Taufik)

This, of course is a good thing esp with Kit Chan on vocals. 'There's No Place I'd Rather Be' suits her voice. Which brings to mind a musical; The song sounds like it belongs to a musical. Singapura The Musical perhaps?

And hor...abt the lyrics of the song, why NO mention of Singapore? again.

One last thing...the lyrics reminds me of a certain Aussie song...'I Still Call Australia Home'

Check out the similarities...

Edit: I've included the MTV clip of 'I Still Call Aust Home'

'I Still Call Australia Home':
"I've been to cities that never close down
From New York to Rio and old London town
But no matter how far
Or how wide I roam

I still call Australia home.

I'm always travelin'
And I love bein' free
So I keep leavin' the sun and the sea
But my heart lies waiting over the foam

I still call Australia home."

'There's No Place I'd Rather Be':

"I've walked the streets of Cairo and Bombay
I've seen the neon signs on ole Broadway
I've climbed the Effel Tower,
The Great Wall in one hour,
Experienced sweet and sour but that's okay.

Seen Hollywood, the sunsets in LA.
The London Bridge, Big Ben, the Thames, UK
I've crossed the River Kwai
Yet still I don't know why

I think of you each night and every day.

There's no place I'd rather be
You'll always be a part of me
And even though Ive roamed the world
It's still my home I long to see.

This is where my family
And my friends grew up with me
So I'll cross the skies and sail the seas
To be where I wanna be.

Cos there's no place I'd rather be!"

...There is no place else I rather be...

I'm pretty sure many of u overseas feel that...I did.

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Wednesday, June 20

It sucks when...

Just came back for a gathering with some frenz that I know from Australia. It was also a birthday celebration for one of us. We went to Sakae Sushi of all places! I'm beginning to dislike gatherings there...itz usually pretty crowded, and the food & service is getting worse. The rice in my Salmon-Don taste like as if it had been left on the kitchen top for a day; it was cold, hard, NOT 'fresh' at all. The salmon was so-so. Well, the plus point was that when it came to pay my share, it was surprisingly affordable (even when I include the dinner cost of the birthday boi).

The sucky part (remember, we are toking abt "It sucks when...") was when it came to the "Happy Birthday! Here's wat I got fer u..." OH NO...i thot paying fer his dinner was alright...and maybe, just maybe not EVERYONE else would get him a pressie! I guess I guessed WRONG! SO pai seh when everyone else gave something...NOT to say I din want to get him a gift. But this month's budget just din realli allow it.... SO it sucks when u are a super tight budget! The other sucky thing was some pple shared to buy him a pressie. erm, I am disappointed not to be asked. haha..i guess they haf their reasons and maybe forgot la!

OH...the BIGGEST sucky bit was that I felt super out of place the whole time! They are all with full-time perm work thus they were tokking abt work like, 99% (ok, maybe not 99% but it felt like it!) of the time. Ok...this takes us back to 'it sucks when...' u are the ONLY one on a super tight budget and ONLY not-gainfully-employed one.

AND...haha...we are all in the same profession (or trained in the me field) so the same old subject pops up, and i am getting bored with it. Can we tok abt something else? PLEASE? aren;t u sick of it? facing it from 8am to 6pm 5 to 6 days a week!

haiz...i try to avoid this kind of gatherings as much as i would but they are my frenz, some closer than others (i'd prefer to meet my close frenz on a smaller scale gathering); Plus it was a birthday dinner so for the sake of birthday boy, should go wor

Ok, griping over, thanks for reading till here! My dear readers, do let me know what u think, or share ur experience.

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Friday, June 15

Pictures Speak a Thousand Words

Hi peeps

sorry I have not been updating much. been realli buzy wif the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) (WHICH btw is not all that great IMO)

So here's some pics which are wayyyy overdue and hopefully can be a good filler till my next entry!

OH, btw, I had an interview at the Singapore Sports School last last week and it went pretty well. SO here's hoping I get the job!

Jan 2007: Here's some pictures of the gatherings I had with some of the Flinders Uni frenz and other good frenz from Adelaide

My housemates and OCF pple

My Veri Short Time @Blue was hard work! But the a cappella grp that nite was good!

Feb 2007:

The infamous Donut Factory (dunno whether infamous for the donuts or the queues!)

BKK, CNY & farewell gatherings

Tabby the niece's birthdae @Vivo

Bye bye Tabz! (& me pretending to be Hiro Nakamura)

March & Apr 2007:

The gang @Canele's...oooo...nice desserts

The gang @the MSq bowl

My sis' grad ceremony in Singapore

Monday, June 11

Wat I am going to watch first!

Transformers Opens 28 June 2007 in Singapore

Our world will be transformed on June 28 when aliens make Earth their final battleground in "Transformers." As the forces of evil seek the key to ultimate power, our last chance for survival rests in the hands of young Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf).

Shia LaBeouf and Peter Cullen are signed on for two sequels. Soundwave and potentially Shockwave will be new major characters.

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has said he plans for a sequel, though it will depend on the films box office success. The plot of the sequel is being planned, but Bay has not signed on to direct, saying "I'm trying to keep some leverage for the negotiations."

What I wanna watch!

"Run, fatboy, run"

This is about the life of one (chunky) guy who decides to win back the love of his life - But in order to win back her heart, he looks to finish his first marathon while making her realize her new man is the wrong guy for her...

Murphy's Law

I usually think Murphy's law pretty hilarious yet oh so true - esp the one that says "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" is the day for that particular saying to happen, same goes for "it never rains but pours"

First rant...erm... all I can say is, if even your own family doesn't support you, who will?!

Secondly, I thought today will be a good day to do my errands (I had plans to do a lot since I specifically took the day off for this very reason) DARN, apparently Murphy wld like to prove me wrong

Thirdly, I knew yesterday that what I did and din do wld come back to bite me in the ass. I was tired and decided to sleep early (which was a good thing seeing I rarely sleep early and I know sleeping early's a good thing and good habit to cultivate right? wrong.)

I forgot to remind a fren that we have a gym appointment and dinner (I usually do remind the day before)

But since we had already planned for it and besides, my fren was the one who suggested gym I thought, proli wld not forget, right? wrong again!

SO today, the plans for my off day is totally screwed and I'm not for one who will give up without fighting, so Murphy, prepare for war!!!

(I'm making new plans, I am not letting this day go wasted just because nothing's going according to plan... right frenz?!)

UPDATE: Well...the day went well but could haf done more. Went to pick up Chris's bike so I was pretty happy that was accomplished! (the things i learn day by day...and just from transporting a bicycle by car! note: always bring papers to protect yer car and empty yer boot before transporting a bike!)

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