Tuesday, June 26

Why No One told me abt this Cool (and farnee) Clip?!

The clip in question is this TV show, 'Girls Out Loud' (this is wat happens when u got wayyy too much time on yer hands...)

Having been mostly overseas for the past 7 years, I'm absolutely clueless abt the local media scene.

So when I read abt Rosalyn Lee, I thought "Woah, this gal's got spunk, guts, brains, and with a face to match" so off googling I went and came up with this...presenting "Chapter Three of Ep 3" of 'Girls Out Loud"...

Interesting hor? 7 years ago no such thing man... Wat blogging? Wat YouTube? Wat Wendy Cheng (aka xiaxue)?!

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