Friday, June 15

Pictures Speak a Thousand Words

Hi peeps

sorry I have not been updating much. been realli buzy wif the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) (WHICH btw is not all that great IMO)

So here's some pics which are wayyyy overdue and hopefully can be a good filler till my next entry!

OH, btw, I had an interview at the Singapore Sports School last last week and it went pretty well. SO here's hoping I get the job!

Jan 2007: Here's some pictures of the gatherings I had with some of the Flinders Uni frenz and other good frenz from Adelaide

My housemates and OCF pple

My Veri Short Time @Blue was hard work! But the a cappella grp that nite was good!

Feb 2007:

The infamous Donut Factory (dunno whether infamous for the donuts or the queues!)

BKK, CNY & farewell gatherings

Tabby the niece's birthdae @Vivo

Bye bye Tabz! (& me pretending to be Hiro Nakamura)

March & Apr 2007:

The gang @Canele's...oooo...nice desserts

The gang @the MSq bowl

My sis' grad ceremony in Singapore