Monday, June 11

Murphy's Law

I usually think Murphy's law pretty hilarious yet oh so true - esp the one that says "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" is the day for that particular saying to happen, same goes for "it never rains but pours"

First rant...erm... all I can say is, if even your own family doesn't support you, who will?!

Secondly, I thought today will be a good day to do my errands (I had plans to do a lot since I specifically took the day off for this very reason) DARN, apparently Murphy wld like to prove me wrong

Thirdly, I knew yesterday that what I did and din do wld come back to bite me in the ass. I was tired and decided to sleep early (which was a good thing seeing I rarely sleep early and I know sleeping early's a good thing and good habit to cultivate right? wrong.)

I forgot to remind a fren that we have a gym appointment and dinner (I usually do remind the day before)

But since we had already planned for it and besides, my fren was the one who suggested gym I thought, proli wld not forget, right? wrong again!

SO today, the plans for my off day is totally screwed and I'm not for one who will give up without fighting, so Murphy, prepare for war!!!

(I'm making new plans, I am not letting this day go wasted just because nothing's going according to plan... right frenz?!)

UPDATE: Well...the day went well but could haf done more. Went to pick up Chris's bike so I was pretty happy that was accomplished! (the things i learn day by day...and just from transporting a bicycle by car! note: always bring papers to protect yer car and empty yer boot before transporting a bike!)

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