Friday, June 29

Weirdest Blog Entry (aka Collar Stiffeners)

Hi peeps

Many may find this realli weird but for those who know me, you're proli thinking "It's just jzin"

Ya...for those who dunno, I have this absolute fascination for the weirdest things (well, weird to most).
Like today's topic - Collar Stiffeners...

It all started when I bought some new shirts for my newly revamped (again) wardrobe.
As my life from now onwards require me to wear long-sleeved (i hate loooong sleeved shirts), I bot mostly work clothes. mainly striped ones (i am so into stripes and colours). To be absolutely safe, i brought along a few fashion 'consultants' (thank you Char 姐,nana, sis) in case my shopping sprees turn out disastrous (juz ask my sister!) opps, and i digress...

Well, I realised that a lot of shirts had realli nice collars and they seem to be stiff and able to hold its shape very long. After much careful inspection, it came upon me there was this wonderful little thing that did that.
Yes...the humble collar stiffener!

Today, as I was putting my freshly laundered shirts back into the wardrobe, I decided to look at my older shirts (read: monocoloured, non-striped) and I found that my old CYC shirts had...yes, the humble collar stiffener! NO wonder, they alwis make me look so good (ahem!) when i wear them. The collars never seem to lose their shape and erm, stiffness! Wow...and all along I thot this collar stiffener thingy was a new thing!

Google and Wiki tells me that collar stiffeners (aka collar stays or collar bones) are considered shirt accessories.

"Collar stays are sleek, rigid strips of material inserted into a shirt collar to stabilize the collar’s points and ensure that it lays flat against a man's collarbone. This ensures the collar remains looking crisp and keeps the shirt collar in the correct place.

Collar stays are generally constructed of plastic but can also be made of steel, brass, gold and sterling silver (which is a very popular option, and commonly found in many retailers' collections).
The collar stiffeners are also available in a myriad of materials including platinum (with diamonds), gold plated brass, and vinyl.

Collar stays can be found in haberdashers and other men’s clothing stores. Key retailers of collar stays include Brooks Brothers.

And guess wat? You can even give them as gifts (goodness...mother of pearl £40, nickel £10, and even stirling silver £40!!!)!

My gosh...there's even an ORGANISER for collar stiffeners!!!
Now, who would have thot of that?

I know it's kinda weird (but hey, itz juz jzin), now I know what i want for my birthday *hint* LOL

PS: I learned a new word - Haberdasher: is a person who sells dude clothings and related accessories (think haberdashery)

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