Wednesday, June 20

It sucks when...

Just came back for a gathering with some frenz that I know from Australia. It was also a birthday celebration for one of us. We went to Sakae Sushi of all places! I'm beginning to dislike gatherings there...itz usually pretty crowded, and the food & service is getting worse. The rice in my Salmon-Don taste like as if it had been left on the kitchen top for a day; it was cold, hard, NOT 'fresh' at all. The salmon was so-so. Well, the plus point was that when it came to pay my share, it was surprisingly affordable (even when I include the dinner cost of the birthday boi).

The sucky part (remember, we are toking abt "It sucks when...") was when it came to the "Happy Birthday! Here's wat I got fer u..." OH NO...i thot paying fer his dinner was alright...and maybe, just maybe not EVERYONE else would get him a pressie! I guess I guessed WRONG! SO pai seh when everyone else gave something...NOT to say I din want to get him a gift. But this month's budget just din realli allow it.... SO it sucks when u are a super tight budget! The other sucky thing was some pple shared to buy him a pressie. erm, I am disappointed not to be asked. haha..i guess they haf their reasons and maybe forgot la!

OH...the BIGGEST sucky bit was that I felt super out of place the whole time! They are all with full-time perm work thus they were tokking abt work like, 99% (ok, maybe not 99% but it felt like it!) of the time. Ok...this takes us back to 'it sucks when...' u are the ONLY one on a super tight budget and ONLY not-gainfully-employed one.

AND...haha...we are all in the same profession (or trained in the me field) so the same old subject pops up, and i am getting bored with it. Can we tok abt something else? PLEASE? aren;t u sick of it? facing it from 8am to 6pm 5 to 6 days a week!

haiz...i try to avoid this kind of gatherings as much as i would but they are my frenz, some closer than others (i'd prefer to meet my close frenz on a smaller scale gathering); Plus it was a birthday dinner so for the sake of birthday boy, should go wor

Ok, griping over, thanks for reading till here! My dear readers, do let me know what u think, or share ur experience.

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