Wednesday, May 30

How angmohs wld say "mee siam"!

Vermicelli with spicy fermented soya bean broth and prawns (mee siam)

Asian pancake with free range chicken curry (roti prata)

Rice cake with Tumeric vegetables broth and toasted grated coconut (lontong)

Yellow noodles with lamb gravy and boiled egg (mee rebus)

Yellow noodles with flavoured chicken broth and shredded chicken (Mee Soto)

Coconut rice with pan-fried anchovies, chicken and egg (nasi lemak)

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Tuesday, May 29

Asian wins Miss Universe's not our Miss Jessica Tan

But an Asian country, Japan has for the second time (first in 1959, also first time an Asian won) won Miss Universe when 20 y.o ballet dancer Riyo Mori was crowned this year's Miss Universe in Mexico this morning.

Well, things weren't all smooth sailing though as I heard she was all emotional and almost dropped her diamond studded crown! (Not to be outdone, Miss USA fell on the ground)

But it's fantastic that an Asian done us proud by winning the Miss Universe! Congrats Riyo!

Not only that, another Asian also made it to the finals, the sweet sweet Miss Honey
(i kid u not!) Lee of Korea

Other special mentions are semifinalist Farung Yuthihum of Thailand and Miss Philippines Anna Theresa Licaros who was voted Miss Photogenic (it was third year in a row for a Filipina delegate to get the special award).

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Dedicated to all my deskbound working frenz

I believe this is wat we all need when we are at work. This is proli the one single useful program we all wanna have!

Saturday, May 26

Blessed Birthday Terence!!!

Todae's my best pal's birthday! Poor dude had reservist training and was sick all week though...well, hope he enjoyed his day nevertheless!

Terence, may the days ahead be filled with joy; less spending your weekends at work, and more free time for yourself!

Friday, May 25

Anything? Whatever!

Cam & I tried the new drinks today

They tasted good! Cam got Whatever, and I, Anything (and we were making puns and jokes all the way from Paragon to Tangs, we even came out with a good ad idea...any takers??!!)

Basically, Anything is a carbonated drink and Whatever's a non-carbonated one. 6 flavours and u never gonna know wat u it'll realli be anything and whatever!

So... the ones we tried were nice (dunno abt the other 5 flavours). Cam's got the apple tea flavoured one, which btw, tasted better than my coke flavoured one.

here's me with Anything and Whatever...(at da watch counter...)

Bottomline: Cute, novel, pretty cool drink with flavours to match. Whether it fizzles out depends on u the consumer

P.S: 'Anything' & 'Whatever' is available at major supermarket, coffeeshops, convenience stores, and petrol kiosks across the island.

PPS: The flavours so far are...Coke, Coke with Lemon, Apple, Lemon, Root beer, Ice lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, and Apple Tea.
PPPS: Man...chk out the Anything website! Esp the ads...simple yet brilliantly farnee!
PPPPS: Fer more fun and laughters, chk out their teaser site too (hint: try clicking on 'No'!), reminds me of a certain Bush Vs Kerry Elections funny ad

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The 10 (Health) Commandments

I got this from Belinda's article (I-S magazine), I thot it was helpful as well as farnee

The 10 Health Commandments

Live by these rules if u want a healthier, longer, better life

I. Thou art the sole Lord of thy appetite; thou shalt not adopt thy favourite restaurants as thy gods.

II. Thou shalt not mention the concept of Exercise in vain, and shall make every effort to climb the stairs instead of taking the escalator or elevator

III. Thou shalt keep the Lord’s day cigarette- and lard-free

IV. Thou shalt honour green leafy vegetables, fruits, and plain water-as well as exercise equipment and gym facilities.

V. Thou shall not kill, or even think of killing the person in front of thou in the queue who bought the last piece of chocolate cake in front of thy incredulous eyes.

VI. Thou shalt not commit adultery and ingest more than one type of vice-filled food at one time, on any given day – no matter how depressed thou art.

VII. Thou shalt not surreptitiously slosh down copious amounts of alcohol and think that no one cares. We assure thee – God sees all

VIII. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour and pretend it was he who absconded with the last piece of chye tao kway

IX. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife – unless she owns a gym and thou wishest to use it for free

X. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s char kway teow, orh luat or any other dish soaked in salt, oil and fat. Amen.

by Belinda Wan

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Tuesday, May 22

My Fave Cars (and my dream cars!)

I love cars...of course esp fast (and furious) ones!

Living in Australia definitely did fuel my interest in cars, esp high power, high revving ones - aplenty Down Under (as compared to the anemic scene in sunny singapore!)

SO I just want to introduce you to my top cars (Bang for Bucks) for this tiny island...

  1. Honda Accord Euro 2006 (unfortunately imported)
  2. Honda Civic Type R 2007 (yes...its official!); $105,000, 201hp

  3. Nissan 350Z 2007; 313hp!!! ,$158,000, 0-100 6.5s

  4. Mazda 3 SP3 2.0 2007; $66,889, 147hp, 0-100 9s! (BEST ALL-ROUNDER)

  5. Honda Civic 2.0 2007; $81,200, 155hp, 0-100 9.2s

  6. Honda Civic 1.8 2007; $78,000, 140hp, 0-100 10.2s
  7. Hyundai Avante 2.0 2007; $62,999, 143hp, 0-100 10.5s (ya...u heard me right, a Korean car!)
Special mention - Mitsubishi Ralliart Turbo; $70,988, 165hp, 0-100 8.8s

and of course my car - the 2005 Toyota Altis 1.8; $70,000+ (can't remember!), 100kW, 0-100 in 10s! =)

My DREAM cars!

  1. BMW M3 2008/09 - sweet ride! though itz not arrived on this island yet, 0-100 4.8s
  1. Audi R8 0-100 4.2s!!!

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Thursday, May 17

My hectic day!

I just came back from a loooong day at work.

Today was a closed door affair at CK Tang...nothing sleazy. It was an exclusive event for those who possess a Tangs/Citibank credit card.

Anyway, today was the best sales I had. ever! And it's not just because of the 12% rebate storewide (some of the customers sneaked in!)

I was like ultra busy (not like the usual idyllic day at Tangs lol =P), I can't believe I sold 3 BCBGs in the space of 3 days since it first came in on Monday!  I mean, each watch costs about $300, and the customers didn't bat an eyelid when they checked the price. 2 of the watches sold were meant to be given as gifts to their friends! Some (rich) people...

And so...(drum roll) the final tally at the end of the day was: 10 watches sold! and sales were about $2000+! woohoo!

(average sale on a day is usually about 2 watches lol)

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Where art thou?!

WANTED: Add Elements

For the past week, my 'add elements' button has disappeared!

I suspect it has something with me changing my template to the Spidey one. Darn.

Anyone got any ideas on how to get the 'add elements' back or has similar experience? Share Share! Dun shy!


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Tuesday, May 15

Blades of Glory!

I have a habit which many laff at.

I like to leaf thru my mags and enter all the contests (prizes which i am interested in, not ALL the contests lah) in there.

I have won lots (A Baby G watch, Bvlgari perfume hamper, concert tix, autographed CDs, etc) thru this 'habit' so dun laff k?!

Anyways, well, my efforts for last month paid off when I got free tix to watch Blades of Glory!

BUT...'luck' would have it that I have to work on that day of the preview!!! WAt the?! WHYYYYY???

CAMERON!!! Of all the days?!

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Monday, May 14

No title...too tired

how do pple do it? Blogging almost everyday! I do not have a full time job yet fer the past few days I've been so so very tired to blog. Sigh...lack of discipline perhaps?

Letz see, last week I met Yvie and watched Spiderman 3 with her, Wed was work and Phantom evening, Thurs was karaoke and Wala Wala. Fri and Sat was work. Then mother's day. Work today (mon) (and tmr! @ Tampines!!! far sia...). Ok, I shld be more forgiving towards myself since I have been pretty busy the past week!

OH, I am soooo broke too! Paid debts to Starhub, Singnet, and AIA. Bought myself some gym clothes (to push myself more into exercising). Thatz it! And I am pretty much broke for this month...sigh...thus need to work more. Sigh...WHEN will HPB hire me???

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Saturday, May 12

Mother's Day (update)

Ya...i know, mother's day is not exactly today BUT mum not free on Sunday had to have it tonight.

So I asked took off early from work and met my sis at Paragon (she works there, poor thing...on Saturdays too)

Mum and dad picked us up and we headed for this Jap place called Kado Man (@Grand Plaza Park Hotel)

It was fantastic! abeit being really EX ($200), the place though not very decorated, the food however was great. The service is one of the best I've experienced, the lady boss served us ernestly and very concientiously, her recommendations were also very spot on. We had soba, cold noodles (2 thumbs up!), sashimi (very fresh), tempura (ok only), and the unagi (recommended!)

all in all, we enjoyed ourselves and of course more importantly, mum liked it! BUT we had to evade abt questions about the price of the meal (mum hates to spend too much on food)

Next, we thought we let mum try the ice-cream at island creamery (gosh, so many pictures of frenz I know there!) BUT unfortunately, it was soooo crowded so we left (thank God for grace period) for the gelato place at Greenwood instead.

Yummy yummy but proli not as yum as island creamery lah, oh well, at least we had our desserts :)

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Wednesday, May 9

An evening with the Phantom

"He's here...the Phantom of the Opera...!"

Finally, after years and months of waiting...My fren and I went to see the famous production tonight.

It was the best musical production (IT IS Broadway's longest and most popular musical, and rightly so) I've been, followed by Mama Mia! and Oliver!

Score wise, Phantom has no equal. I slept for Oliver! (waking up only at the main choruses and I can't remember wat else!)

For Mama Mia!, I sang along to almost every song! The audience even stood up and dance to the music!

The music to Phantom is simply beautiful. The words meaningful and heartfelt esp when Brad Little (the Phantom) sang...the stirring yet haunting 'The Music of the Night', 'Angel of Music'. even in 'All I Asked of You ' despite it being the song to showcase Raoul and Christine's love. Brad Little was a good choice in potraying Phantom (of course, my fave is Michael Crawford!)

I felt that for tonight's Singapore production, Christine and Raoul should have been better represented though. I would pay a thousand dollars to see, or rather hear Sarah Brightman sing the role of Christine once more!

The heart-wrenching story is also beautiful. Even the most hideous can know love. What gives the story its tremendous emotional power is that it ends with "a cruelly maimed adult's large-spirited sacrifice of the one miraculous hope in a frightful life"

Phantom of the Opera. One word: Phantastic!

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Tuesday, May 8


Yesterday, I went fer an interview @RecruitExpress (which my sis upon hearing mentioned that that company only hires pretty pple). I was there for a position advertised (Medical Recruitment Exec) on JobsDB.

When I arrived there (Level 11, Ngee Ann City), indeed, the people working there were all easy on the eyes (ok fine, they are pretty...). Seeing that (and the stupid appplication form), I was reminded of the recent newspaper reports on the change in the employment act where silly (and discriminatory) info like whether I was single, what religion I was in, what ethnic group I am, and what I looked like would soon be a thing of the past. In countries like the US or Aust, these are considered discriminatory! So thots then

But of course, what my beliefs on the employment practices din matter now, my current financial status is what matters. So I took ten mins filling up those stupid sheets thinking why did I even upload my CV in the first place (btw, is it a CV or a resume? whatz the difference??)

Anyways, to cut the looong story short, Valarie (the lady screening me) said that I was more suited for another position...SALES. S.. s.. sales? wat? ME? SALES? yes, sales. I normally refuse to anything related to sales (i know i know, i'm doing sales in watch but thatz part time wat) BUT she said it was for Wyeth or GSK.

SO i'm thinking, heck, what I'm getting selling Kenneth Cole and Timex is barely enuff to ward off the 'love' letters from Starhub and Singnet plus IT is Wyeth and GSK (for u ignoramus out there, Wyeth and GSK are known pharmaceutical big names MNCs) so ok lor, I agreed. Well, here's hoping I move on to the next stage!

On a side note: my sister tells me the REAL Cold Rock's gonna be opened at HV. Apparently, it's gonna be like the Haagen Daz cafe opposite it! hear that, Liyan and 'Jie'?!

So... Cold Rock (the real one) is coming to Singapore, at a HV near you, watch out for it!

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Porridge Buffet ( & Spiderman)! is when Yvie and I go gouge ourselves silly at the Joaquim porridge buffet. Last time I went there was with Serena and gang three years ago.

I was actually planning to watch Spiderman 3 with Terence, Esther, Jeremy, Yali and my sis. we even planned a marathon to watch it on a half-a-mil AV system. Then on sunday, my sister said she watched it liao. And because I was not gonna be free to watch in the evening this week, terence and esther said they will watch it without me :(

SO...I jumped at the chance when Yvie asked me (initially I thot that she wasn't interested to watch) but since we gonna be out might as well catch the show right?

Warning: Some spoilers ahead, dun say i din warn u...

Well, Spiderman 3 is a nice conclusion to the trilogy (anyone caught Stan Lee as the cameo? IT was hilarious!)

Itz kinda sad how Harry had to die (but he din die in the comics right?) in the movie. But itz greatness showing the friendship that Pete and Harry had. Harry said that he would die for his frenz, and he did.

IT was also nice to see story of Flint Marko (notice how this name sounds like the Juggernaut's?);the different versions and that he was a person forced by pitiable circumstances that led to what he became. BUT the whole moral of the movie was that indeed with great powers come great responsibilty. And that we all have choices. And thank God for good frenz and loved ones to guide us and help us through to make the right choice.

ooo...and here's some dinner pics

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Sunday, May 6


It's been four months since her passing and I still think of her.
A lot.

Every familiar phrase, anything cute, the kind of music that we both used to listen to together, and of late, esp Michael Bublé's new album"Call me Irresponsible".

I mentioned before in my earlier blog entry that music is a powerful force that can make even a grown man cry. IT can make you laugh as well as, in this case, make me tear...

The last track on the album, 'L.O.V.E'...

It was our favourite song...itz also from one of her fave films, Disney's The Parent Trap

"L is for the way you Look at me...

O is for the Only one I see

V is Very very extraordinary

E is Even more than anyone that you adore

Love is all that I can give to you

Love is more than just a game for two

Two in love can make it

Please take my heart and please don't break it

Love was made for me and you..."

I love you and miss you, Grace...

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Wednesday, May 2

Spidey 3!!! - A review (sort of)

S3- a fitting conclusion to the Spiderman trilogy

"With great power comes great responsibility" - Uncle Ben

Opened yesterday in Singapore (heard Japan beat us to seeing it first!), Spiderman 3 truly does not disappoint those who waited for it since the last Spiderman.
This third and final installment focus es on the personal life of Peter Benjamin Parker (aka our friendly neighbourhood hero, Spidey). I love how Sam Raimi brings in the alien suit(the dark side...veri Star Wars) and his relationship with MJ. Also introduced is Gwen Stacy (his sort of GF), Sandman and Peter Brock (the next to wear the alien suit thus becoming Venom).

I guess wat makes Spiderman so popular (unlike incredible hulk or FF which btw, is coming in June!!! The Rise of the Silver out fer it!) is that it is the dream come true fer the geek in all of us...the ordinary guy gets bestowed with powers, the tragedy and relationship problems, juggling work, personal life and being a hero is no walk in the park. It makes Peter's life...believable and something we can relate to. Esp with the love triangle, the dark side, it makes Superman so...alien, so out of this world.

Well, I think 2hrs 40 mins is way too short fer so many elements in one movie. The movie could be too rushed and yet draggy at times when the movie tells the story of e.g. Sandman. Oh...and poor hobgoblin (or issit the green goblin?) seems to be such a loser...losing the girl and never getting anything he wants.

Bottom line: Possibly a 4 out of 5 stars

Tuesday, May 1

Michael Bublé - 'Call Me Irresponsible' CD review

"Melding the contemporary and the classic in ways only he can, Michael Bublé has created his most complete studio effort yet. Ranging from "I've Got The World On a String" to "Me and Mrs. Jones," in addition to two new songs co-written by Michael, Call Me Irresponsible makes this album irresistible." - Amazon editorial

Just went to Borders and saw (listen) and sampled two new albums, one from Hayley Westenra and the other from Michael Bublé.

Hayley, hailing from New Zealand was ok, not as great as her debut album, which was disappointing considering this to be her third attempt and the Kiwi songbird doesn't seem to be improving with each album.

Whereas for Bublé, ah...different story altogether! It's already his third studio album and it seems no stopping for this 31-year old Canandian crooner.

I liked what i heard so i bot it (it was on special anyway)

I finished listening to the whole album once and I must say it did not fail my expectations! Michael wrote two songs himself and IT IS GOOD! Esp the track 'Everything'

Well, best to hear it fer yerself and enjoy the jazz in a nice quiet place and me now...

Bottom line: A