Tuesday, May 29

Asian wins Miss Universe

Well...it's not our Miss Jessica Tan

But an Asian country, Japan has for the second time (first in 1959, also first time an Asian won) won Miss Universe when 20 y.o ballet dancer Riyo Mori was crowned this year's Miss Universe in Mexico this morning.

Well, things weren't all smooth sailing though as I heard she was all emotional and almost dropped her diamond studded crown! (Not to be outdone, Miss USA fell on the ground)

But it's fantastic that an Asian done us proud by winning the Miss Universe! Congrats Riyo!

Not only that, another Asian also made it to the finals, the sweet sweet Miss Honey
(i kid u not!) Lee of Korea

Other special mentions are semifinalist Farung Yuthihum of Thailand and Miss Philippines Anna Theresa Licaros who was voted Miss Photogenic (it was third year in a row for a Filipina delegate to get the special award).

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