Wednesday, May 2

Spidey 3!!! - A review (sort of)

S3- a fitting conclusion to the Spiderman trilogy

"With great power comes great responsibility" - Uncle Ben

Opened yesterday in Singapore (heard Japan beat us to seeing it first!), Spiderman 3 truly does not disappoint those who waited for it since the last Spiderman.
This third and final installment focus es on the personal life of Peter Benjamin Parker (aka our friendly neighbourhood hero, Spidey). I love how Sam Raimi brings in the alien suit(the dark side...veri Star Wars) and his relationship with MJ. Also introduced is Gwen Stacy (his sort of GF), Sandman and Peter Brock (the next to wear the alien suit thus becoming Venom).

I guess wat makes Spiderman so popular (unlike incredible hulk or FF which btw, is coming in June!!! The Rise of the Silver out fer it!) is that it is the dream come true fer the geek in all of us...the ordinary guy gets bestowed with powers, the tragedy and relationship problems, juggling work, personal life and being a hero is no walk in the park. It makes Peter's life...believable and something we can relate to. Esp with the love triangle, the dark side, it makes Superman so...alien, so out of this world.

Well, I think 2hrs 40 mins is way too short fer so many elements in one movie. The movie could be too rushed and yet draggy at times when the movie tells the story of e.g. Sandman. Oh...and poor hobgoblin (or issit the green goblin?) seems to be such a loser...losing the girl and never getting anything he wants.

Bottom line: Possibly a 4 out of 5 stars