Tuesday, May 8

Porridge Buffet ( & Spiderman)!

Ooooo...today is when Yvie and I go gouge ourselves silly at the Joaquim porridge buffet. Last time I went there was with Serena and gang three years ago.

I was actually planning to watch Spiderman 3 with Terence, Esther, Jeremy, Yali and my sis. we even planned a marathon to watch it on a half-a-mil AV system. Then on sunday, my sister said she watched it liao. And because I was not gonna be free to watch in the evening this week, terence and esther said they will watch it without me :(

SO...I jumped at the chance when Yvie asked me (initially I thot that she wasn't interested to watch) but since we gonna be out might as well catch the show right?

Warning: Some spoilers ahead, dun say i din warn u...

Well, Spiderman 3 is a nice conclusion to the trilogy (anyone caught Stan Lee as the cameo? IT was hilarious!)

Itz kinda sad how Harry had to die (but he din die in the comics right?) in the movie. But itz greatness showing the friendship that Pete and Harry had. Harry said that he would die for his frenz, and he did.

IT was also nice to see story of Flint Marko (notice how this name sounds like the Juggernaut's?);the different versions and that he was a person forced by pitiable circumstances that led to what he became. BUT the whole moral of the movie was that indeed with great powers come great responsibilty. And that we all have choices. And thank God for good frenz and loved ones to guide us and help us through to make the right choice.

ooo...and here's some dinner pics

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