Tuesday, May 8


Yesterday, I went fer an interview @RecruitExpress (which my sis upon hearing mentioned that that company only hires pretty pple). I was there for a position advertised (Medical Recruitment Exec) on JobsDB.

When I arrived there (Level 11, Ngee Ann City), indeed, the people working there were all easy on the eyes (ok fine, they are pretty...). Seeing that (and the stupid appplication form), I was reminded of the recent newspaper reports on the change in the employment act where silly (and discriminatory) info like whether I was single, what religion I was in, what ethnic group I am, and what I looked like would soon be a thing of the past. In countries like the US or Aust, these are considered discriminatory! So ya...my thots then

But of course, what my beliefs on the employment practices din matter now, my current financial status is what matters. So I took ten mins filling up those stupid sheets thinking why did I even upload my CV in the first place (btw, is it a CV or a resume? whatz the difference??)

Anyways, to cut the looong story short, Valarie (the lady screening me) said that I was more suited for another position...SALES. S.. s.. sales? wat? ME? SALES? yes, sales. I normally refuse to anything related to sales (i know i know, i'm doing sales in watch but thatz part time wat) BUT she said it was for Wyeth or GSK.

SO i'm thinking, heck, what I'm getting selling Kenneth Cole and Timex is barely enuff to ward off the 'love' letters from Starhub and Singnet plus IT is Wyeth and GSK (for u ignoramus out there, Wyeth and GSK are known pharmaceutical big names MNCs) so ok lor, I agreed. Well, here's hoping I move on to the next stage!

On a side note: my sister tells me the REAL Cold Rock's gonna be opened at HV. Apparently, it's gonna be like the Haagen Daz cafe opposite it! hear that, Liyan and 'Jie'?!

So... Cold Rock (the real one) is coming to Singapore, at a HV near you, watch out for it!

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