Thursday, May 17

My hectic day!

I just came back from a loooong day at work.

Today was a closed door affair at CK Tang...nothing sleazy. It was an exclusive event for those who possess a Tangs/Citibank credit card.

Anyway, today was the best sales I had. ever! And it's not just because of the 12% rebate storewide (some of the customers sneaked in!)

I was like ultra busy (not like the usual idyllic day at Tangs lol =P), I can't believe I sold 3 BCBGs in the space of 3 days since it first came in on Monday!  I mean, each watch costs about $300, and the customers didn't bat an eyelid when they checked the price. 2 of the watches sold were meant to be given as gifts to their friends! Some (rich) people...

And so...(drum roll) the final tally at the end of the day was: 10 watches sold! and sales were about $2000+! woohoo!

(average sale on a day is usually about 2 watches lol)

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