Saturday, May 12

Mother's Day (update)

Ya...i know, mother's day is not exactly today BUT mum not free on Sunday had to have it tonight.

So I asked took off early from work and met my sis at Paragon (she works there, poor thing...on Saturdays too)

Mum and dad picked us up and we headed for this Jap place called Kado Man (@Grand Plaza Park Hotel)

It was fantastic! abeit being really EX ($200), the place though not very decorated, the food however was great. The service is one of the best I've experienced, the lady boss served us ernestly and very concientiously, her recommendations were also very spot on. We had soba, cold noodles (2 thumbs up!), sashimi (very fresh), tempura (ok only), and the unagi (recommended!)

all in all, we enjoyed ourselves and of course more importantly, mum liked it! BUT we had to evade abt questions about the price of the meal (mum hates to spend too much on food)

Next, we thought we let mum try the ice-cream at island creamery (gosh, so many pictures of frenz I know there!) BUT unfortunately, it was soooo crowded so we left (thank God for grace period) for the gelato place at Greenwood instead.

Yummy yummy but proli not as yum as island creamery lah, oh well, at least we had our desserts :)

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