Wednesday, May 9

An evening with the Phantom

"He's here...the Phantom of the Opera...!"

Finally, after years and months of waiting...My fren and I went to see the famous production tonight.

It was the best musical production (IT IS Broadway's longest and most popular musical, and rightly so) I've been, followed by Mama Mia! and Oliver!

Score wise, Phantom has no equal. I slept for Oliver! (waking up only at the main choruses and I can't remember wat else!)

For Mama Mia!, I sang along to almost every song! The audience even stood up and dance to the music!

The music to Phantom is simply beautiful. The words meaningful and heartfelt esp when Brad Little (the Phantom) sang...the stirring yet haunting 'The Music of the Night', 'Angel of Music'. even in 'All I Asked of You ' despite it being the song to showcase Raoul and Christine's love. Brad Little was a good choice in potraying Phantom (of course, my fave is Michael Crawford!)

I felt that for tonight's Singapore production, Christine and Raoul should have been better represented though. I would pay a thousand dollars to see, or rather hear Sarah Brightman sing the role of Christine once more!

The heart-wrenching story is also beautiful. Even the most hideous can know love. What gives the story its tremendous emotional power is that it ends with "a cruelly maimed adult's large-spirited sacrifice of the one miraculous hope in a frightful life"

Phantom of the Opera. One word: Phantastic!

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