Monday, May 14

No title...too tired

how do pple do it? Blogging almost everyday! I do not have a full time job yet fer the past few days I've been so so very tired to blog. Sigh...lack of discipline perhaps?

Letz see, last week I met Yvie and watched Spiderman 3 with her, Wed was work and Phantom evening, Thurs was karaoke and Wala Wala. Fri and Sat was work. Then mother's day. Work today (mon) (and tmr! @ Tampines!!! far sia...). Ok, I shld be more forgiving towards myself since I have been pretty busy the past week!

OH, I am soooo broke too! Paid debts to Starhub, Singnet, and AIA. Bought myself some gym clothes (to push myself more into exercising). Thatz it! And I am pretty much broke for this month...sigh...thus need to work more. Sigh...WHEN will HPB hire me???

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