Friday, May 25

Anything? Whatever!

Cam & I tried the new drinks today

They tasted good! Cam got Whatever, and I, Anything (and we were making puns and jokes all the way from Paragon to Tangs, we even came out with a good ad idea...any takers??!!)

Basically, Anything is a carbonated drink and Whatever's a non-carbonated one. 6 flavours and u never gonna know wat u it'll realli be anything and whatever!

So... the ones we tried were nice (dunno abt the other 5 flavours). Cam's got the apple tea flavoured one, which btw, tasted better than my coke flavoured one.

here's me with Anything and Whatever...(at da watch counter...)

Bottomline: Cute, novel, pretty cool drink with flavours to match. Whether it fizzles out depends on u the consumer

P.S: 'Anything' & 'Whatever' is available at major supermarket, coffeeshops, convenience stores, and petrol kiosks across the island.

PPS: The flavours so far are...Coke, Coke with Lemon, Apple, Lemon, Root beer, Ice lemon Tea, Peach Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, White Grape Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, and Apple Tea.
PPPS: Man...chk out the Anything website! Esp the ads...simple yet brilliantly farnee!
PPPPS: Fer more fun and laughters, chk out their teaser site too (hint: try clicking on 'No'!), reminds me of a certain Bush Vs Kerry Elections funny ad

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