Friday, February 9

Whinge less, do more

Just got...erm...chided by a good fren...realised indeed that I do whinge too much, one too many times.

But the problem is that some pple simply are too nice too kind to point that out to me. Then they just let me go on and on and on...then they suffer the consequences and yet still remain silent and not tell me that I whinge too much!
I need more good frenz to tell me to "wake up from my idea"!!

Anyways, dear frenz...apologies for those who haf been putting up with me for the past year (if u dun know, I haf been complaining how bad last year was and apparently, I shld stop sulking and pouting and move on, which I agree.)

Well, to put things into context, here's a summary of why I was complaining so much...

  • Placement year (Nutrition and Dietetics students will know how bad the year can be)
  • Did not complete my clinical placement (got the boot after 7 weeks! just 3 more weeks to completion...)
  • GF broke up with me during clinical placements
  • Family problems which I cannot disclose here
  • Almost flunk a major assignment
  • Gossips about me around the student housing...many which are none of their business and it destroys relationships
  • was in really poor health (let's say there was blood involved)
  • A very close fren suffered from terminal illness
  • Many classmates, whom I am close frenz with, experienced much distress during their clinical placements, some who in the end, did not complete their placements as well
  • Some good relationships almost came to an end due to misunderstandings
Well, to be fair, there were good things that came out of that year...
  • Completed every other placement (Community, research, and Food service)
  • Learnt and enjoyed community placement
  • Got to re-do the major assignment which I almost flunked
  • Relationships were mended
  • Got to know many frenz much better
  • Got to know new frenz
  • Health is improving
I mean, there's usually two sides to a coin, so why can't we just look at the positive side of things and live for the better instead of harping over the past and crying over things that we can't control and that are past (like they say, no use crying over spilled milk).
We ought to instead look forward and do something about stuff that we can have control over...and live our lives to the very best that we can