Friday, September 7

The Village People

Top Places I Recommend To Go At Dempsey Rd (aka Tanglin Village)

  • Ben & Jerry's - Proli the biggest B&J in Singapore, this place also has a bar so that patrons can have thier ice cream with liquor. The place has very cosy sofas for you to lounge away as you sip into your drinks after a satisfying ice-cream session.
  • CA California - the cafe connected to B&J so u can have a complete meal - from appetisers to desserts! Veri cosy veri casual.
  • Au Petit Salut French Restaurant - Remember Au Petit @Holland? For fine dining.
  • Angel's Share - Take note wine lovers, a selection of over 800 wines labels found here.
  • Oosh - I'm sure most of u have heard of this place so I shall not say more
  • PS Cafe - ditto (my fave spot for cakes and tea and just relax, after 2pm & before 5pm and after 9pm of course)
  • Wine Company - Nice wine. Feeling peckish? Check out their pasta and finger food