Thursday, September 13

My Top Cinemas In Singapore

In no particular order...

  • The Cathay - Eight cinema halls tt can seat up to 1,842 in comfy Quinette Gallay seats! Dun forget they have 24-hr screenings for those insomniacs out there. Relatively shorter queues, The Picturehouse, and UOB/POSB deals! Plus they've got an array of food like popcorn, hotdogs, nachos, sandwiches, muffins and salads! And oh, did I mention that they do food/snax deliveries to your seat? Talk abt service!
  • Cineleisure (Also known as Cathay Orchard) - 3 levels, 12 screens, seating capacity of 2,135. THX system (The best there is). And the seats are ergonomically designed with you in mind...stadium-style seating with unobstructed view. 'nuff said!
  • GV Tiong Bahru - Six halls seating over 1,500 pple. Off the beaten track - means less crowds! plus its pretty near town
  • GV Great World - comfy comfy seats, not overly crowded compared to the Cathay big guns. Near town
  • GV Vivo - The monster of them all. 15 screens with seating capacity of 2,173! Plus, itz in Vivocity, one of the largest shopping ctrs. 5 visits and up till now, I've yet to explored the whole place!
  • GV @JP - Simply becoz sometimes I feel like watching a movie alone and it just takes me 10 mins to walk there =P
  • When all else fails (meaning u find it hard to get tix to that blockbuster) - the grandest hall of them all - Prince 1 - its seating capacity is 1,259.

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