Monday, September 10


Apparently I am NOT mad!

Often when I am out, I would think that my phone is ringing or vibrating but it actually wasn't.

Today, I was reading Cleo (Aug 2007) and I found out that this condition actually exists and has a name - RINGXIETY

Yes, ringxiety!

Cleo writes
" A combination of the words "ringer" and "anxiety", the term describes the sensation and false notion that one can hear his mobile phone ringing or feel its vibration, when in fact it's not doing so. the reason that humans are extra sensitive to auditory tones between 1,000 to 6,000 Hz, and ringtones often fall within this range, which can be spatially difficult to locate, leading to potential confusion. False vibrations are is less understood and could be linked to psychological or neurologial sources. Are u sufffering from it yet?"