Saturday, September 22

Nutrition Data Search - A Recommended Nutrition Search Tool

Like to be able to examine the nutritional content of (almost) any food?

Now u can with this search box!

"Q: What makes NutritionData (ND) different than other nutritional websites?
A: ND prides itself in its ability to deliver food composition data in the most useable format, with the fewest clicks and keystrokes. ND provides this data in multiple forms – everything from the raw numbers to its own clearly worded analysis – to meet the needs of both individual consumers and food industry professionals alike. ND even simplifies the sharing of this data via its Email a Friend feature.

In summary, ND does three things better than anyone else:
  1. Helps you quickly find food composition data.
  2. Helps you understand that data.
  3. Helps you share that data with your friends.
Q: How accurate is your food composition data?
A: ND obtains food composition data from a variety of published and unpublished sources, with the largest provider of data being the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). While ND cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, we do our best to check or verify all data entries. For your reference, we also identify the data source for each individual food in the Footnotes section of every ND Analysis."

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Want to add this search box and have it integrated to your Firefox?

This search plugin returns the same list of foods as ND's FoodSearch tool. However, this plugin installs in your Firefox browser. It allows you to search ND's databases at any time, without even being at the NutritionData website! To install this plugin, simply click on the link below, and confirm the installation on the small dialog window that appears. In just seconds, you'll have access to ND's powerful search engine from anywhere on the Net!

Install NutritionData search plugin