Monday, October 1

My Journey into a New World

It has been almost 20 years since I could see clearly without the assistance of optical aids.

And this time tomorrow, I would be able to see again with near perfect vision like when I was in primary school.

It is exciting to say the least. Life changing in fact.

For those who do not wear glasses or contacts, you would not be able to know the full extend of the difficulties of being visually impaired. Esp in sports or when I was serving my national service in the army. And oh, thank God for digital cameras, if not, I'll still be having difficulties with the viewfinder (adjusting the diopter) when I take pictures. (but binoculars will still be a problem)

Well, come this time tomorrow, no more! I would be able to play contact sports, go swimming (diving even), night hikes, with less inconveniences and a huge improvement in the quality of life as well as quality of vision!

LASIK can mean new freedom -
  • freedom to change the way the world sees you
  • freedom from the time-consuming, day-to-day hassle of glasses or contact lenses
  • freedom to play sports without the inconvenience of glasses or contact lenses
  • freedom to go on holiday and to work without worrying about your eyesight
  • freedom to wake up during the night and see clearly
Contact lens intolerance, tired of wearing glasses, and lifestyle activities that are inhibited due to glasses or lens wear such as outdoor sports like golf, football, water sports or hiking...these worries will be a thing of the past!

Spectacles are cosmetically unappealing for some. There is a degree of distortion when looking through the periphery of the glasses, the field of vision is reduced and on leaving a cold room/bus, moisture can fog the glasses and blur vision for a few minutes. Hence glasses are unacceptable for certain careers. Contact lenses require motivation with great attention to hygiene during insertion and removal, failing which sight - threatening infections may result.

LASIK overcomes all these disadvantages.

Here's to freedom!