Thursday, October 11

Eclectic Attic

I was meeting Van to watch "The Nanny Diaries" ( ) at PS so I looked for a dinner place while waiting for her. As it was a Friday, I searched for a place that served vegetarian as Van eats only veggies on Fridays.

I noticed this shop selling antique/collectibles/oddities and I remembered reading abt it and its cafe.
This place was supposedly recommended by CNA
Hidden away in the 5th level of PS, it was called Eclectic Attic and the decor was really that. I liked it as it was unique and quiet (then at 6pm). Plus they have vegetarian options!

Sitting with antiques and collectibles, the ambience was interesting, however no photography was allowed :(

We ordered soup, and two vegetarian pastas.
The pasta was wonderful...cooked al dente and despite my pasta sounding bland, it was bursting with flavours with little help from the olive oil and herbs only.

It was a good experience and service was friendly.

HOWEVER, avoid the cream of mushroom soup...wat we had wasn't the least bit tasted like no-fat milk with specks of mushroom in it. and oh, it looked like cookies and cream in milk. NOT appetising

What I liked: the friendliness of staff, the ambience, the pasta dishes!
What I disliked: though friendly, they lack initiative...they din ask to provide pepper, cheese nor chilli flakes. NO PHOTOGRAPHY. YUCKY TASTING SOUP.

Overall Rating:

Eclectic Attic
L5 Plaza Singapura