Saturday, November 10

A Short Update

Not really sure how to start nor write this entry...too many things to write abt.

Itz been ages since i last blogged about my personal life. Work really takes a toll on my energy. I really wanna blog so much...there's so much to say BUT coming home after 8pm on average, I feel so so tired that I cld hardly go on MSN let alone blog. (but i make it a point to have a post at least once a week)

So tonight I thot I just write abt watever comes to my mind and not care too much abt my english, grammar, spelling, vocab, etc

I want to blog abt my birthday...put up the pictures, talk abt my new job at Alexandra Hospital.

In short, I will blog later and more abt my birthday week, and my new work life.

I had thot tt my birthday this year wld be relatively quiet but thanks to many frenz, I enjoyed myself and din feel lonely. e.g. Yellow was very sweet to pei me for my birthday dinner. And mummy and shan ordered a nice cake for me despite them being in Adelaide. (So surprised and touched). Thanks to my sis, I had a life changing experience by going thru LASIK.

Actually before my birthday, i was rather depressed with the things my life was...but God is gracious and even when u forget Him at times, He never forgets you.

Then after bd week, LASIK, then a job interview and an offer. The rest, as they say is history (ok ok...not exactly history...)
I enjoy my work at AH, being able to do what I want to do and more. I love giving talks to the schools. It is very fulfilling and I dun dread it. I try to practise Kaizen (continuous improvement) in my talks so as to improve myself with each talk. Plus the kids are rather adorable and endearing.

The colleagues at work are nice. Boss is understanding enuff (but i still waiting for my first BIG scolding...everyone gets it so i'm just hoping to get mine over and done with)
Plus many many other perks in this job! I'm lovin' it!

So much I dun mind a bit of OT and going back to work on Saturdays!
in fact...another few hours and I'll be back in the office!

Well, hope this is a good enuff update my dear frenz...
cheerios! more details coming soon...stay tuned...