Sunday, November 4

I'm Lovin' It! Life After LASIK...

For many people and myself, laser treatment mean new freedom -

  • freedom to change the way the world sees you
  • freedom from the time-consuming, day-to-day hassle of glasses or contact lenses
  • freedom to play sports without the inconvenience of glasses or contact lenses
  • freedom to go on holiday and to work without worrying about your eyesight (bringing lens solution, extra soft lens, etc)
  • freedom to wake up during the night (and in the morning) and see clearly
  • freedom to not have the need to take off glasses to clean the fogged-up lens after leaving an air-con environment to a non-a/c one
  • freedom to swim without glasses or optical goggles
  • freedom to simply clean the perspiration off your face during exercise

It has been a month and my eyes are healing pretty well. Just the occasional dry eyes. Nothing eye drops couldn't help relieve! :)

Edit: btw, I did my op with the LASIK Surgery Clinic at Paragon...nice friendly people. Pleasant waiting areas too (Got macs to go onto the internet)