Tuesday, December 11

A Lazy Post on the Event @Essential Brew

Just came back from Essential Brew and Wala...

I thought the food was wonderful (or maybe I was famished)! I had Lemongrass chicken and also tried some of ah zhou's (Dory with oolong sauce) and jairus' food (mustard chicken?). Very yummy but guess only ah zhou's fish was the healthiest of the lot since the fish wasn't breaded/fried, it looks like it was grilled. The mustard chicken had lots of fat (skin), and the lemongrass chicken which was breaded (in turn absorbed lotsa oil thus making it fatty...) ...opps...sorry...occupational hazard!

I must say the food was wayyy better than the last time we were there.

Only real problem (that really bothered most pple) was that by the time the food was all served, some of us had to eat them cold. :(

The event itself was fun, funny, and frankly a bit overwhelming. I think like some others, I basically kept pretty much to myself and din really talk to many others (already slowly regretting it...).

As of what happened, already as of ard midnight, there are at least 3 posts about the event.

My computer's a bit slower than usual tonight, and so is my little cpu in my brain. So here is my little tinny contribution to what transpired tonight...

Ok...I know my contribution is super small and i realised I had not taken as much pics as I wld like to. So i am imploring the more hardworking ones who were snapping away to be a dear and send along some photos along this way? =)

eujzin [at] yahoo [dot] com

Much appreciated...

-The Lazy Nutritionist