Monday, December 17

Thank You Dear Frenz

I am a really lazy person and I apologise to those who were affected by this 'disease'

I drafted this post like on the 1st Oct but left it to 'rot' in the 'drafts' folder till now.

Procrastinate no more Jzin!

So here it is...fresh out of the 'drafts' birthday thank you list

Thank you dear friends who remembered and esp those who celebrated with me.

I really enjoyed myself and (almost) forgot how OLD i was.
I was esp touched this year because I did not really expect much greetings, let alone pressies from overseas!

Love u guys!

Thank you...
Yvie, Yellow, Amanda, Kay, Nat, Jeremy, TS Sim, Gao, Paul & Serena, 'Mummy' & 'Aunty', Shuhuai, Fangee, Lydia, Clara, Sara Jean, Angela, Lum, Jason & 'Niece 'Tabz, Cam, Joyce, Sara Sin, Yali, the list goes on, sorry if i did not list down your name here

Thanks esp to sis, yellow, kay, van, charles, jeannie, julia, 'mummy' jaz & 'aunty' shan, Jason & Tabz, Lum & Esther