Monday, December 31

Reflections...retrospections and introspections...and perhaps my last post for this blog...

2007 has come and gone...I can't say it went by quickly and it wasn't an uneventful year.

It was definitely better than 2006 (a year I would rather forget)

So many things happened this year (many which I am thankful for)

Let me recap the significant moments/highlights for me for the year 2007...

Jan - Starting this blog & Grace's passing (miss her terribly)

Mar - Working @Tangs (meeting Cameron)

June - Joining & getting mentioned in Sunday Times becoz of this post

Aug - Finding out that Sg blogs get ranked and this blog was no.171 out of 600+ blogs in Singapore! (something must be wrong in their calculations then! lol) (now this blog is unranked!)

Sept - My was a fantastic week! Main highlight was the surprise cake from Jaz and Shan who were in Australia! Thanks!!!

Oct - LASIK! and starting work @Alexandra Hospital!

Nov - My first themed Dinner & Dance (which I did not blog about...nor posted pics...but all i can say rocks!)

Dec - Meeting up with my frenz who are back from Adelaide!

I am thankful for the new frenz (Cameron, Adelyne, the pingsters! etc) I met this year and also for closer relationship I have with the old friends (Nat, Jon, Yvie, Liyan, Christina, etc) tt I already had but weren't so close before.