Tuesday, August 7

STOP Whinge-ing Jzin!

Note: A delayed post

I had a really bad time the past few days...

(WARNING: long post)

My colleague sorta got fired; on that note...I feel that his termination was rather unjustified.
Firstly, let me give u a background on things...whilst looking for a full time job, I am a currently working (temp) for a company that has the distributor rights to a few watch brands on the market (I can only say that one of the brands is an American sports watch company, another brand whose designer is actually more known for his shoe designs and has since now expanded to many fashion items like clothes and recently perfumes, another Italian brand more known for sunnies whose ads included a certain famous soccer player...)
Due to poor sales performance, my colleague (letz just call him Cam) was terminated. AND the farnee thing was he was NEVER told that he was being let go...it was implied/hinted! What kind of BS is that?! Its soooooo dodgy.
Anyway, I would not say that the entire thing (poor sales) is his fault entirely; personally, i think some of the brands are great. Just not every single model. AND the wisdom that is the company's sales exec chooses to bring in certain models that only, erm...a few percentage of the Singapore population would like (maybe the aunties and ah peks, or simply pple with hmm...letz just say they got very unique tastes). The thing is, the target population of the product is the masses, u DO NOT position your product to a select few!

I remember the four Ps of marketing (did one module during my undergrad days)
  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place
  4. Promotion
But i think i another 'P' is impt. The People...your target grp

Product to match the People no?

'nuff said!

Anyways, back to the topic, I felt really unjustified for Cam; I worked with him and besides the occasional lateness, he is a good worker. He did lots and corrected many mistakes that the company did.
Then I wondered abt my own efforts done for the company. I used to think that my colleagues were nice people. But apparently when stressful situation comes up and their asses are on the line...the halos disappear and little devil horns come out of their heads and they take out their knives and start aiming for backs of their so-called teammates.

I thought long and hard, and during work the past few days, I felt so listless and wary that I might be given the boot soon. Hence, I am going to say bye bye to that company real soon and proli never EVER buying their products again. Besides, one of the watches I bot from them like broke in a matter of three months! The blind faith I placed on them!

Sooo..yesterday, a fren came to have lunch with me and I was like whining the WHOLE time. "Sucks", "sucky", "it sucks" were my basic vocab the whole time. But she was patient and nice enuff to listen, and encourage me dispite her own dire situation. She herself had been sorta persuaded to resign which I feel was another case of unjustified 'termination'. And also having other problems in her life.

Soon, other frenz also started to encourage me, for which I am thankful. Things are alwis not as bad as it seemed. In fact, it could be worse.

I should count my blessings and instead of whinge-ing, channel that energy into something constructive instead. Like blogging about the injustice suffered by frenz, updating a bit on my life, and hopefully, encouraging someone along the way.

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