Wednesday, August 8

My Eventful 07.07.07

Wedding lesson number one: TRY not to go to a wedding if you realise that no one else you know will be there (unless u know the bride and groom very well)

Wedding lesson number two: NO need to fret with wat to wear to a wedding. Most pple these days seem to pretty much wear wat they want. I saw jeans, no tie, low cuts, etc

Anyways, let me describe to u my day.

Wedding: It was the loneliest i've ever been to! Besides the bride (and her sis), I knew no one else. Yet I was also helping 0ut, usually those who help out are the ones who are close. And if u are close, u should at least know a few pple right? but no...
needless to say, I didn't stay for the wedding lunch.

Yellow: Then met up with Yellow for some shopping (it was also first time since a looong while since i last saw xiaohui, my niece whom i have not seen for at least ten years!) My first gathering. I expected more but really, it was a pretty boring affair. But I was very glad that pple like uzyn and rinaz took the effort to say hi and chat with me.

Yellow: Dinner...we went to miss clarity and yellow said that the toilet not good standard, which in turn reflects badly on their kitchen hygiene. In others words, FAIL.