Monday, August 20

Track Your Diet - Singapore Style

Check out the Diet Tracker, a useful tool that helps you keep track of your calorie and fat intake through your mobile phone!
The beautiful thing is that almost everyone (I say almost as I know of some who do not want one!) has a mobile phone and we carry them with us like, 99% of the time so it is only wise of HPB to create this software for the mobile phone! Kudos to them for this wonderful idea. From a non-profit organisation no less!
Its database is based on our local foods by the Health Promotion Board (HPB)

Simply go to the HPB website and submit your details and you can either download to your PC and then transfer to your mobile or directly download it via GPRS.

I tried it and itz awesome! It creates a personal profile for you and your energy and fat requirements are calculated individually to you.
You can then proceed on to add what you ate for the day from the database of local food delights.

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