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How to Lose Weight: A Word from A Nutritionist - Part One

You can enjoy eating!

Some of you may not know this but I am a nutritionist (and food scientist) by training.

I also have some experience writing for the media as well (Men's Health Singapore 2003-2004) and also contributed to magazines like FEMALE magazine. (<-to add some credibility! shameless plug i know...)

Many have asked me abt nutrition questions, however the most popular questions tend to be " to lose weight ah?" "Wat to eat to lose weight huh?"

No surprises there actually, as most people these days (due to media or otherwise) tend to be rather focussed on how they look.

SO I decided to post this entry calling it 'How to Eat Healthy' (rather then call it "Eat what to lose weight" haha...sorri to deceive u but do read on...)

How to Eat Healthy

(PLEASE note that if u have other medical conditions e.g. renal disease, and u like to lose weight, please see a doctor or a dietitian, they are qualified trained health professionals who studied and trained for years to deal with medical/health conditions!)

FIRSTLY, let's be perfectly clear about this - if any of those weight loss products or plans actually worked - no one would be overweight anymore. And guess wat? It seems the obesity rate is higher then before, yes, despite the plethora of so-called weight loss techniques available today!

Yes - this includes Atkins, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Jean Yip, Mariefrance, all of them!
NO matter what anyone promises you, diets do not work! (remember my blog abt the comic strip Slimderella?)

The old physics still hold - Energy in > Energy out = Weight loss (erm, unless u are sick or your family genes are working against you!)

The true measure of permanent weight loss is whether or not it's still off two years later. If you've ever lost weight on a plan, product or program and are still looking for weight loss options right now, then something didn't work. It's not realli your fault - but if you try to do it again, and again... well, how long until you know better? Stop Dieting! It won't work!

True that some of the programs may have caused some weight loss (mostly water!) BUT the question IS - Is this sustainable long term? Is this healthy in the long run? Can I be not eating my fave Nasi Lemak for the rest of my entire life? Can I not eat more rice ever?! NO MORE Bak Choy Mee?! Unfathomable! Horrors! Unthinkable! IT has to suit your lifestyle somehow to be a lifestyle change

Eating healthy and being healthy is not a fad BUT rather a LIFESTYLE

End of Part One...stay tune fer Part Two

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