Wednesday, July 4

Autobots...Roll Out! (Movie Review)

Transformers is a prime example of Michael Bay's knack in making mega-action films (think Bad Boys or Armageddon).

This children's toy movie is a good vehicle that is a great testament to his ability to bring action to a whole new kick-ass level.
Combine this with the talents of producer Steven Spielberg and we have now a huge summer blockbuster in our hands.

Transformers is simply awesome with no-holds barred action CGI effects.
It is nothing but a thrill ride from the start till the end. At the beginning when the voice of Optimus Prime narrated to give us a background of the Transformers, you can feel the chill running down your spine and you know that this is gonna be an awesome action movie.

There are plenty of laughs and tongue-in-cheek humour (more-than-meets-the-eye one-liners, references to Michael Bay's productions) with cameos (Bernie Mac & funny guy Anthony Anderson) to make sure that this film is not just a no brain actioner. Romance is definitely not quite there as the lovey-dovey scenes were simply too cheesy and cliche.

*Warning: Spoilers!*
At the end when the bad guys were defeated, not every bad guy was accounted for so I would say that this is definitely not the end. The Decepticons will be back, proli with Soundwave and Shockwave the next time.

Oh...I love the cars featured (though I wish good ol' Bumblebee was a Beetle). I remember driving back after the movie, and expecting my radio to 'talk' to me and transform...

Direction: B
Visuals: A+
Plot: B-
Acting: Humans B-, Robots A
Overall Rating: B+

To be continued...

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