Wednesday, July 18

Celebrity Blog Highlight

I am a fan of Felicia Chin and was elated when Chris told me abt her blog.

It's filled with (exclusive) pictures (aplenty!) of her life and many posts directed to her fans.
It's updated (on average) once a week and itz an easy read.
Not very personal of course as itz main purpose proli was a blog for fans.

However, my main highlight is not abt Felicia Chin's blog. It's about this gal called Andrea Fonseka.

For those who dun know, she is better known as Miss Malaysia Universe 2004 (as well as No.10 suitcase gal in Mediacorp's 'Deal or No Deal'). She's also a law student in NUS.
What's better is that she writes a blog that is informative, insightful and an easy read too. She's quite like your average gal-next-door with all the whims of a ordinary airs at all.
She is intelligent as well as beautiful. Wonder if Ash Rai has a blog too...

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