Wednesday, July 18

What Do You Do With The Stuff Your EXs Gave You?!

Have I ever mentioned that 'How I Met Your Mother'(HIMYM) is the most awesome-est sitcom ever (after Friends of course. and Scrubs)

For the uninitiated, HIMYM is an U.S syndicated sitcom abt stories of a bunch of frenz revolving ard Ted Mosby (the protaganist) and his love life. He is seen narrating to his kids telling them a (rather long) story abt How I Met Your Mother.

Season Two just ended (it's awesome btw) and one ep stuck out to me. *spoiler alert!* It was this ep where Ted and his then current GF, Robin were discussing, ok, rather arguing abt what shld be done abt gifts that ex-girlfriends/boyfriends. I was thinking abt my own past relationships and the gifts it came with. Should I chuck them or keep them? The GF was saying that she sees the girlfriends in the gifts whereas us guys simply see the objects as memories of the state they were in (as a NSF, as an Uni student, postgrad days, etc)...

What do you think?

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