Tuesday, July 31

The Things I Do for Free Tickets

I've heard abt Nuffnang fer quite a while now but never did want to sign up.

Why? Coz I just CANNOT RESIST FREE things (they giving away 'Rush Hr' tickets, free food, goodie bags...if I write abt the things i do to get free stuff! =P)

No lah, seriously, with so many things on the internet these days, one has no idea (and no time) to sift thru the plethora and myriad of good stuff. So when I first heard abt Nuffnang (I think it was thru some of the ping.sg members' blogs), I just din think much abt it. Then heard more abt it at the Ping.sg anniversary event. Then now thru Sheylara's blog. (maybe I shld also go to Nuffnang's office to 'hound the hell out of the big boss'!)

So...do I get my free tickets now?

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