Monday, July 9

King of Clay loses to the King of Grass!

It was an exciting match.

However, young handsome Nadal loses to Fed after 5 sets ending with 6-2 to Fed.
1: 7-6 to Federer
2: 6-4 to Nadal
3: 7-6 to Fed
4: 6-2 to Nadal!!!
5: 6-2 to Fed...fed up sia...

Haiz...I remember Nadal when he played against Federer in the Aust Open 2005. It was amazing that he reached the finals and i thot "wow, very impressive. ok, let's root for the underdog..." and he lost terribly!

Now fast forward to today, thought Nadal might get his revenge but alas!

Perhaps next year?!

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